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The orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans soon after leaving the stockade. The herd shared the lucerne briefly before Shukuru took her group to the browsing field. Garzi started his day’s activities by rolling on the ground while Sirimon tried to settle scores with Tusuja in a light strength testing exercise. Enkikwe rode on Olsekki as Ukame took a break from browsing to soil dust. The orphans were very active this morning!

Eighteen wild bulls attended mud bath as the orphans had a spectacular wallowing session. Afterwards the orphans headed to the Kanziku area where they settled to browse. Garzi, Barsilinga, Siangiki, Oltaiyoni and Dupotto spent some time in a soil dusting exercise. In the evening, Ukame tried to share food with Tusuja but he threatened Ukame by pointing his trunk at her which told her not to approach! Ukame listened and left before Tusuja decided to push her.

Garzi playing on the ground

Enkikwe climbing on Olsekki

Karisa in the bush

Barsilinga soil dusting


A wild mum and her two calves in the company of Kenze arrived early in the morning before the orphans were let. The herd stood outside patiently waiting for the orphans to share their lucerne with them. Kenze stood close to the gate where he received greetings from the juniors. Kamok settled on a nearby rock for a scratching session while Shukuru decided to go for a drink of water.

Whilst browsing, Olsekki and Boromoko had a disagreement that ended in a pushing game. Shukuru, Ukame and Tusuja settled for a soil dusting exercise while Naseku settled to feed with Siangiki. At mud bath time, the temperature was moderate and only eight bulls showed up. The orphans drank some water soon after drinking milk then walked down to wallow which they really enjoyed today. Naseku, Galla and Ukame headed straight to dust themselves with red soil soon after having enough of the mud bath. In the afternoon Dupotto and her friend Kamok took a break from feeding to relax under a tree whereas Sirimon and Olsekki settled for a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.

Orphans facing Kenze in the compound

Kamok having a good scratch

Ukame and Tusuja going to soil dust

Dupotto and Kamok relaxing


The orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans in the morning. Yetu, who no longer accompanies her mother Yatta these days, was busy shielding Kama from playing with the orphans. Later Kama managed to free herself of Yetu and went to play with Sokotei, Oltaiyoni and Naseku. An hour later, the orphans left to go and browse, leaving the Ex Orphans still at the stockade compound.

Ukame settled to browse with Naseku while Dupotto settled to feed with her friend Kamok. At mud bath, the sun was hot prompting all the orphans to have a cooling mud bath. Twenty six wild bulls attended mud bath in the company of Tomboi and Buchuma. Barsilinga had a brief chat with Buchuma before heading back to the browsing field. Karisa, Shukuru, Naseku and Dupotto took decided to relax under a tree for a bit. They later resumed browsing when the temperatures dropped and it was a bit cooler. Galla settled to browse with Siangiki and in the evening on the way back to the stockade, the orphans passed by the mud bath again where they participated in an evening wallowing.

Kinna and baby Kama with the orphans

Kama playing next to Yetu

Naseku and Kama

Dupotto and Kamok scratching their chins


Orok, Chaimu, Kilaguni, Kilabasi and Makireti were sleeping comfortably at the stockade compound while ten bulls were drinking water at the stockade water troughs shortly before the orphans were let out. The orphans briefly joined the bulls to drink water before being led away by Laragai.

Tusuja and Naseku decided to have fun dusting themselves while Olsekki rolled on the ground. Lemoyian was attracted by Olsekki's game and came over to climb on him. Siangiki had a brief chat with Sirimon before Sirimon moved to play with Enkikwe. On the way to the mud bath, the orphans were joined by Ex Orphan bull Madiba. Soon after drinking their milk, the orphans joined Madiba and a wild bull at the water trough. The weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud hole. Later, more wild bulls reported for water making the orphans move away to avoid being pushed by the wild bulls. Olsekki and Boromoko had a brief strength testing exercise before heading back to the browsing field. In the afternoon, Galla and Naseku entwined their trunks that led to a light pushing game. The orphans were later joined by Orwa, Bomani, Vuria and Bongo who succeeded in snatching Barsilinga, Lemoyian and Laragai away. The keepers tracked them until they located them and brought them back to join their dependent friends. In the evening twenty five wild bulls reported to the stockade compound for water and left after they had drunk enough.

Kilaguni waking up

Orok and Chaimu waking up

Lemoyian climbing on Olsekki

Orphans join Madiba and a wild bull


The Ex Orphans were at the stockade compound in morning when the orphans came out of their stockades. Baby Kama and Gawa were in a jovial mood as they teased the orphans by charging at them. Shortly later, the orphans headed out to the Park to browse. Gawa and Kama followed the orphans for some time but they were prevented from going further by nannies Sidai, Lualeni, Ithumbah and Loijuk.

Out in the bush, Galla settled to browse with Enkikwe and later teamed up with Naseku. Tusuja browsed close to Olsekki while Roi and Ukame took a break from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by the Ex Orphans and forty wild elephants. Tusuja, while wallowing, had the opportunity of climbing on Sirimon while Lemoyian rode on Siangiki. When the orphans had enough of wallowing, Tusuja and Lemoyian had a disagreement that ended in a fight. Garzi, who was standing close by, intervened and pushing the two boys away. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area. The sun was hot and the orphans took a break from feeding to relax under a tree and went back to browsing later when it was cooler.

Ex Orphans at the compound in the morning

Naseku and Galla

Ukame and Galla coming in for their milk

Tusuja riding on Sirimon




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