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The sky was partly covered by clouds but there was an indication that the day a head would be a hot one. Rapa who has had stomach problems over the last few days is slowly recovering, and drank all his milk. Maramoja was the first one to leave the stockade, followed by Pare. Rapa was the last one to leave since he didn't want to compete with his healthy friends as he knew that if he did, Maramoja, who bullies him from time to time would take advantage of him not feeling very well. The orphans were joined by Yatta and her group outside the stockade. The herd shared lucerne together and thereafter parted ways. The playful Kama tried to play with Kauro but Kauro didn't feel like entertaining the rascal and slapped her away with his trunk. Kama wondered how such a big boy could slap a baby like her away instead of showing her any love. But what Kama forgot was that boys will always be boys and they don't have the same maternal instincts, and she should be more careful when around the young bulls.

Laragai and her group left with Yattaís group as Ukame led the juniors to Kone area where the orphans settled to browse. At mud bath time, Ukame led the orphans to mud bath and then to soil dust. Ukame, who is very active, looks like she might be the next group leader as Laragai and Siangiki are less dependent on their human family these days. In the absence of Boromoko and Lemoyian at mud bath, Galla and Tusuja appeared to be slowly inheriting their shoes as far as riding on their friends is concerned. Tusuja enjoyed riding on Maramoja as they waded through the water. In the afternoon, Galla and Tusuja engaged in a strength testing exercise in an effort to try and establish who would inherit the dominance role among the group, but their game ended in a draw.

Mulika and her baby Mwende

Chaimu, baby Kama and Kinna

Tusuja climbing on his friends

Galla playing with Tusuja


This morning Kauro was happily enjoying a pile of lucerne on his own. Dupotto on the other side was scratching her bottom vigorously trying to be rid of the insects that were annoying her. Barsilinga, Laragai, Kithaka and Siangiki came to join the dependent group after a long night browsing outside the compound on the hill behind. The orphans later walked to the water trough to drink water in preparation to leave for the bush. They met with a wild bull there and the wild bull was friendly enough for them to interact with him. Namalok was busy scratching his neck on the wall.

In the bush, Galla was busy browsing with his friends as they played. Namalok and Roi were browsing away from the rest of the group. Dupotto found herself alone and decided to walk towards her friends. Pare and Maramoja were standing under the shade from the hot sun. Later on, Ukame and Wanjala led the group to the mud bath for their milk.

After their noon mild bottles and a mud bath, all the orphans chose to keep themselves busy browsing despite the hot weather. Sapalan flapped his ears to keep cool whilst he browsed and Galla watched him. Naseku was browsing higher up the hill. Later on, the orphans walked back home in the evening for their milk.

Lenana passed by the stockade today with some wild bulls in hot pursuit as it seemed she was in season. Nasalotís group also passed by and they drank some water and left. Nusu, Nasalotís baby, was being very playful and charged around with her ears held wide and aloft, having a lot of fun with the keepers and the other orphans.

Later in the evening, Wendiís group of Ex Orphans this time including Nasalot, Kinna and Sunyei with their babies and other nannies also arrived. They had some water and left not long after. Laragai arrived later in the evening with Siangiki, Sirimon, Sokotei, Boromoko and Enkikwe. They had some water then went into their old stockade, eating all the food inside before coming out again. Kilaguni started a serious play fight with Ololoo near the water trough and interacted with two wild babies who arrived for some water with their mother. Their mother just watched on and they later all walked back into the bush.

Roi and Dupotto

Roi and Barsilinga

Wanjala and Pare

Wild bull chasing Lenana


When the orphans came out of their stockades today they did not stay and eat lucerne from very long as it seemed they were in a hurry to get out to the bush and browse. Kamok led the group to the bush. Galla and Tusuja started twisting each otherís trunks and playing affectionately with each other. Namalok was browsing away from the other elephants flapping his ears to keep cool. Recently independent orphans Orwa, Vuria and Bomani came to join the group for awhile but they carried on walking into the bush. Roi later led the group to the mud bath. The orphans played in the mud today. They were joined by Rapsu and Kenze who were on the other side enjoying quite a serious play fight. Rapsu later walked towards a wild bull and to say greet to him. Kauro scratched his legs and trunk on a tree simultaneously which was quite funny to watch.

Ukame and Roi later browsed together. It was very hot and the elephants were sucking water from their stomach and splashing it on their bodies to cool down. This showed the keepers they felt very hot and they decided to walk them to the mud bath again to cool down and have another refreshing drink. From the mud bath they walked to the dust bath and started playing on the big pile of soil like Nursery babies again. When they walked back to the stockades in the afternoon they were accompanied by Siangiki and Laragai who came to their old stable, ate some browse that had been left there for any Ex Orphans that wanted it, before they walked off into the bush again.

Kamok and Kauro feeding

Orwa and Vuria briefly in the stockade compound

Roi browsing


At 6am when the elephants came out of their stockades to the lucerne field, they found Chemi Chemi, Narok and Garzi there waiting for them. They welcomed the orphans and started sharing lucerne that the keepers threw in bales for them. Chemi Chemi started a play fight with Roi whilst Pare and Rapa scratched on separate rocks in the field. The orphans later walked to the water trough to drink water and left to the bush to browse.

In the bush, Kauro was busy browsing with Ukame and Sapalan was browsing separately. They all looked happy and active in the bush as they ate the green leaves they could find. Roi and Ukame browsed together and later the herd walked to the mud bath for their milk. The orphans played vigorously as they enjoyed their bath before they all walked out to to the dust bath and started rolling and playing in it like little children. The group then met with Laragai and Siangiki and Siangiki led them in a peaceful game in the dust bath which everyone enjoyed. Maramoja went on to scratch his neck on a tree to take off the ticks with Roi; it felt so good for them to take off the annoying insects. Galla led the group out to the bush again to browse for the afternoon.

Tusuja and Galla started play fighting and tussling with each otherís trunks. The rest were resting under the shade and Kamok was browsing on her own. The orphans later walked to the water hole along the campsite road and started playing in in the shallow water. They walked into the bush to browse for a bit before slowly walking to the main mud bath to drink water and play there for awhile. in for a bit. They ended their day by playing in the water and walking straight home in the evening for their last milk bottle. Laragai and Siangiki accompanied them to the stockade this evening but we did not see the rest of their independent group today.

Galla playing with Tusuja

Orphans all soil dusting

Laragai after soil dusting

Ukame, Galla and Oltaiyoni


Laragai and her group originally consisted of Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian, but now Siangiki, Enkikwe, Olsekki, Sokotei, Sirimon and Boromoko have also become independent and have joined this group out in the wild as well. When the new arrivals came from Nairobi they were very badly behaved towards them and since they were off milk as well, the keepers saw this as a sign that they were ready to stay out at night. Most of the time they spend the night just outside the compound, or close by, and come back in the morning to share lucerne with those still dependent. They were relaxing outside the stockade this morning with Tomboi when the juniors were let out. Galla and Roi left with branches in their mouths, which they continued to enjoy on their way out to browse. Tusuja developed an itchy neck and decided to use a nearby tree to scratch it.

Later Pare settled to browse with Maramoja as Karisa teamed up with Namalok. Sapalan, who still totally refuses to take his milk, browsed a short distance away from his friends. At mud bath, Karisa led Wanjala and Dupotto in the first group while Ukame led the second group consisting of Galla and Oltaiyoni. Maramoja led the third group of Namalok and Kauro. Rapa led Pare and Kamok; the orphans have to come in groups as they all get two bottles and the keepers cannot feed them all at once! After having their milk, the orphans headed to drink some water from the trough and to enjoy a short wallowing session, before going to dust themselves dry as usual. In the process, Galla picked up a piece of stick that he used to scratch what appeared to be an itchy chest. When he was done, he dropped the stick and joined in the procession of those heading back out to browse. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot as Pare joined Maramoja to feed while constantly flapping his ears to keep cool. Roi had a private soil dusting session before heading to relax under a tree that had good shade. In the afternoon the sun was still hot and the orphans passed by the mud bath to wallow and cool down. Shortly before six in evening, the senior Ex Orphans in the company of five wild elephants reported for water and left later after having enough. They left with Laragai and her group since Laragai had opened the gate to let her friends out again. She is clearly very eager for she and her friends to soon join their friends in the wild.

Tomboi at the stockade compound

Maramoja browsing with Pare

Karisa, Wanjala and Dupotto

Kinna, Kama and two wild bulls

Sunyei, baby Siku and some wild bulls




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