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When the orphans came out of their stockades in the early morning Oltaiyoni, Mbegu, Naseku, Sokotei, Roi and Siangiki spent a moment standing around outside poor Simotuaís stockade. Simotua saluted them with low rumbling sounds as he heard them all moving outside. Oltayoni rumbled to him but he was too tired to respond back, having had a very restless night. Oltaiyoni and company left after awhile after realizing that Simotua would not be joining them out this morning.

As the older group was being released by the keepers in the bush to run down and drink their milk during public visiting, Balguda, Boromoko, Siangiki, Kauro and Alamaya were the first to run down. Before reaching the open area where their milk bottles were waiting, Balguda and Bormoko, who do not usually run to get their milk, blocked their group from running past them. Alamaya, Kauro and Siangiki yelled out in protest, prompting the keepers to run up and caution the two older boys for their bad behaviour. Kauro, Alamaya and Siangiki then sped past them at top speed rumbling as they went, with neither one wanting to be the last to reach the milk bottles. This caused the school children to scream out at they saw the big elephants running towards them at a fast pace. The keepers assured the children they were quite safe and not in harmís way, as the orphans are so social with people. The children calmed down and enjoyed watching how Kauro and Siangiki could feed themselves with their bottles.

It was a sad afternoon for us today as we lost poor ailing Simotua. His conditioned worsened some minutes before 4pm and despite all possible means to save his life they proved unsuccessful, and nature eventually took its course for little Simotua. He will be greatly missed by his human family and the other orphans as well.

Balguda was in the first group to run down

Balguda was naughty and blocked the way

Balguda being naughty!

Siangiki, Mbegu and Enkikwe


Poor Simotua is not much better this morning Ė he has been on a drip all night and his blood work is not showing anything majorly untoward. He is still lying down and unable to get up, and his stomach is obviously still not very good, like a case of elephant colic. He still wants his bottle and green feed whilst he is lying down so we are hopeful that he will make a good recovery. Because we did not want him to lie recumbent for too long as this is very bad for such large mammals, we came up with the idea of a sling to assist him to his feet and hold him upright. We brought the small fork lift and used it to make a sling to help Simotua to his feet. This worked and Simotua got to his feet and put weight on his legs, and after a few minutes he started to walk around! After an hour or so he seemed well enough to come out of his stockade so he came out to the bushes just next to the stockades to browse.

Out during public visiting the other orphans were having a busy time wallowing because of the hot temperature. Mwashoti, Tusuja, Godoma, Mbegu ad Rapa all had fun time in the mud pool where little Godoma lay deep in the mud only showing off her tiny trunk as she playfully span around. Tusuja and Mwashoti had their own happy time with Mwashoti deliberately enjoying a good scratch of his hind legs on Tusujaís head as he lay down on the banks facing the mud bath! All the visitors and school children were delighted at watching their funny characters and how elephants can have such personalities.

Ndotto has such a funny character

All the orphans at mud bath

Sirimon and others in the mud

Orphans mud bathing

Kauro standing


The day started off with a very clear sky, indicating a hot day ahead. As usual the elephants left their stockades eager to begin the new day. At around 8.30 in the morning poor Kerio, who has been fighting to put on condition despite good feeding since she arrived, collapsed whilst out in the field. Urgent blood tests showed she did not have very high energy levels so she was placed on a drip to help her recover. After a short while she was back on her feet and looking around for her milk bottle which she happily drank. For the rest of the day Kerio looked much stronger and she continued with her day of browsing with her new friends.

Another worrying twist is in poor Simotuaís health Ė he has been frequently lying down and his stomach is obviously painful. We discovered this around 11am when we found he was no longer with the baby group but was lying under a bush and struggling to get up. The keepers managed to help him up and he got up to walk around and even drink his milk bottle. However around 2pm again his condition worsened and he fell down. The keepers helped him to his feet but he would not hold himself up this time. Since his arrival in the nursery poor Simotua has suffered from his injuries and poor health and recently his leg has been very swollen and his stomach has also been very troubled. Finally around 4pm the pickup was brought to him in order to carry him back to the stockade as the keepers were not strong enough to carry him. All night he was placed on a drip of Hartmanís to keep his fluids stable.

The orphans heading out on a hot day

All the orphans out browsing

View of the elephants browsing!

Simotua in his stable not doing so well


Today Murit and Simotua spent the day out with the little baby group. Murit is so polite and gentle with the babies when he spends time with them. Today soon after the babies had their 9am bottles, Murit was seen lying on the ground and rolling around, inviting the little ones to play with him. They all joined him and happily climbed and slid down his back, as the keepers threw soil on them to dust their skin. Kerio stood to the side in her own soil dusting mission. Simotua, always careful with his injured leg, was busy browsing next to all of them and mindful of not wandering off too far like some of the older and more bold boys would do.  

Murit spent the day with the babies

Murit going to find the babies

Murit is such a sweet little boy


It is funny to notice that even the young babies such as Tamiyoi are already knowledgeable and can remember things. For example they know where their milk is prepared and fed to them. When Tamiyoi came out of her stockade this morning instead of going to the forest she decided to go to the milk mixing area. Her keeper kept calling her but she did not pay any attention to him as she carried on with her mission. At first we thought she was going to find her companions in the stables at the front, but she carried on walking and went to the milk mixing area. When she got there she stretched her trunk out and started smelling all over. She finally stood still and when she did not move her intentions were clear so some milk was prepared for her, she was fed on the spot and only after that did she follow her keeper to the forest.

At around 2.30 today, Simotua behaved in a similar way to Tamiyoi, returning home earlier and looking for milk in his stockade. When he was directed to go back to the forest he declined and only when the milk was prepared at 3pm did he follow the wheelbarrow back out to the forest.

Even at such a young age Tamiyoi is very clever

All the orphans going out to the bush

The orphans and their keepers




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