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The orphans came out of their stockades this morning and met with ex-orphans from Mutara's herd who were waiting for them. They were with Kilaguni and Chaimu as well. Kilaguni and Kanjoro started play-fighting while Kainuk rolled on the ground as she played happily, lying on the lucerne like it was a mattress. Siangiki and Enkikwe had their wounds washed and treated as usual. Then they walked as a group out to the bush to browse.

They all stayed together for the whole day browsing in the bush. They played in a dam of water and had a drink there too. They all then walked together to the mud bath for milk. After milk they all went into the mud bath to swim. They had a fun time which we could tell from all the trumpeting that went on. After swimming they got out to go and dust themselves to seal in the mud layer. Later Rapsu and Kenze arrived accompanied by a wild bull who was quite aggressive. The three ex-orphan bulls walked to the mud hole and started playing in it. The wild bull play-fought with Rapsu and then with Kenze.

This afternoon all the orphans were very active and happy to be in one big family. They browsed together the whole day and were taken back towards the mud bath when it became quite hot, so they could cool-down. They swam from one end to the other. Sities, Mutara, Kainuk, Turkwel, Kilaguni and Kanjoro were the most playful ones today. They got out and went to the dust bath and hyperactively rolled around trumpeting. The whole group later walked back home with Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Garzi and Sirimon among them, which was nice as we wanted them to stay close to the stockades. Mutara's group escorted them to the stockade and stayed around for a while after the orphans were all locked in.

Galla and Pare having a drink

Mutara dustbathing

Sities having fun at the dusbath


It was a slightly chilly morning this morning when the elephants walked out to the bush after their morning breakfast of milk bottles. Enkikwe and Siangiki had theirs wounds washed and treated and then joined their friends. All the orphans busied themselves with browsing, and Kibo was with them for a second day in a row. He is such a friendly bull and keeps comforting Enkikwe, sympathetic of his injury, and stays with him a lot whilst they browse. Namalok was spotted scratching his stomach on a tree as the others began to make their way towards the mud bath area. They came across a dam on their way and started playing in it. When they were done having a small bath they continued to the main mud bath.

They had their noon milk bottle and walked straight to the water trough to have some water. The mud bath looked very inviting as the day had warmed up significantly, so they walked in to have a swim. Karisa decided to ride on Tusuja while he was swimming but later Tusuja took his revenge and climbed on Karisa back on dry land. Kibo was still with them in the afternoon. He walked with Enkikwe and comforted him as they seemed to have a chat with each other.

In the afternoon they were all busy browsing, but at the last minute, Barsilinga, Garzi, Lemoyian and Sirimon walked away from the group and disappeared. It seems it is up to Barsilinga when he and his friends walk away and we have a feeling he is the ring-leader. Nevertheless they decided to return to the stockades themselves around 7pm and they were locked in too.

Kibo and Enkikwe


Siangiki splashing water on her back


The orphans came out of the stockades in the morning after their milk bottles and walked out to the bush. Siangiki and Enkikwe had their wounds washed and treated as usual and then joined their friends out in the Park. Siangiki is always browsing with her friend Olsekki and this morning was no different as they could be seen browsing alongside one another. Bomani was still with the dependent group and was browsing on the rocks; he liked the grass that grows there. Barsilinga, Sirimon and Lemoyian were very relaxed today and did not try and sneak off. They sneaked away yesterday with Mutara’s herd but came back later at night to join their friends. Lemoyian was very friendly towards Enkikwe and was browsing next to him. Later all the orphans walked towards the mud bath.

All the orphans had their milk bottles, walked to the water trough to drink water and then they all got in to the water hole to swim and play. They all enjoyed the bath with Garzi and Ukame enjoying climbing on their friends. Enkikwe was enjoying a separate shower to the side. When they were done all the orphans came out at once and went to dust themselves with soil. Galla started play fighting with his friends before they all went back out to the bush to browse. Kamok hid under the shade of some trees from the hot sun whilst the others browsed and later she led them back home to the stockades for the night.

Bomani and Dupotto browse together


Kithaka busy browsing


The orphans walked straight out to the bush again this morning after their milk bottles. Bomani is still with the group after his original herd, Narok’s group, has been nowhere to be seen, but also because they seem to have split up and gone in different directions and joined up with different herds. He still enjoys being with the dependent orphans in the bush. Enkikwe still struggles to keep pace with his friends. Siangiki and Olsekki were busy browsing together in the bush.

At mud bath the orphans had their noon milk bottle and then walked to the mud hole to wallow. It was so lovely to watch as they all enjoyed swimming with Kibo among them. He was the most playful one in the mud bath. Enkikwe was covered with mud all over and tried to get back in the water to get clean. The rest of the orphans walked to the dust bath and started playing. After they felt they were fully covered they walked back out to the bush to browse.

Even once back out in the bush they came across a small muddy puddle and started to play in it. Tusuja started play fighting with Galla. Mutara's herd passed by in the distance and Barsilinga started rumbling to join them. Finally he sneaked away with Lemoyian and Sirimon. The keepers followed their foot prints and saw they had joined Mutara’s herd. It started to get very late so they decided to leave them out for the night with Mutara.

Maramoja browsing

Oltaiyoni among ipomea creepers

The orphan herd wallowing


The orphans came out of the stockades today and went out to browse. Siangiki and Enkikwe received their usual morning treatment of their wounds and then went to join their friends. Olsekki and Naseku browsed together. Bomani was still with the dependent herd as he had stayed the night with them and we had not yet come across any older orphans like those from Narok’s group, that he might want to join. The orphans later walk to Kone dam on their way to the mud bath and had some water.

All the orphans got into the mud wallow after their milk bottles and started wallowing. Siangiki and Enkikwe had their own separate and shallower bath to the side of the mud hole. Then all the orphans came out and walked back to the bush to browse. Barsilinga as usual didn’t want to stay with the younger orphans and kept sneaking away and walking off from the group. Today he managed to sneak off with Laragai, Sirimon and Sapalan. The keepers looked for them until dark when Barsilinga, Laragai and Sirimon decided to come back at around 7pm on their own accord, but Sapalan was left behind. He came back later at 1am with Mutara's herd, and we locked him inside one of the stockades. Sapalan wants to stay out with the older elephants because he has already weaned himself off the milk and considers himself a big boy! But they are still bringing him back, perhaps because they think he is still too young.


Siangiki browsing

Sapalan busy browsing

Ukame playig with a branch




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