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Laragaiís group, which is slowly assimilating into Narokís group these days, showed up in the morning and joined the juniors. The sky was partly covered by clouds as Narok led the way to the browsing field. Karisa settled to browse with Sokotei. Karisa has been shy with his friends in the past but is now becoming used to everyone and interacting with all the members in the group. Lemoyian briefly settled to browse with Ukame and had a chat with her that didn't last for long, since Ukame was wary about Lemoyian who is known for pushing and riding on others without their consent. The boy is small but tough. Narok settled to browse with Sapalan and she appeared to want to get to know him a bit more, as he is always a solitary elephant. Later in the day Roi, who likes rolling on the ground, had a time out from browsing to enjoy a game of doing just so. Her game attracted Naseku and Tusuja who joined her in playing. 

Maramoja scratching

Lemoyian chattign to Ukame

Narok and Sapalan


Naserian, Loijuk and Makena, who appear to have lost contact with their group, joined the juniors in the morning just outside the stockade. Also present were Narok, Orwa and Bomani. Tusuja, Rapa, Oltaiyoni, Roi, Sapalan and Naseku headed to the water trough to arm themselves with enough water. The weather predicted a hot day a head. Kamok just used her trunk to play with the water instead of drinking, hoping to find some fresh rain water out in the Park left over from the previous rain showers. Shortly later, Maramoja, who has the qualities of a future matriarch when the older girls leaves, set the pace for rest of the group when she rumbled and started heading out to browse. The rest of the herd snaked behind her including Makena, Naserian and Loijuk. Only Orwa remained behind but followed later after completing whatever his unfinished business was in the stockade compound.

Pare settled to feed with Tusuja as Kauro and Sapalan decided to start their day with a soil dusting exercise. Shortly later, Tusuja passed close to where Bomani was feeding. Bomani raised his ears in an attempt to warn Tusuja that he wasn't interested in his childish behaviour of pushing his seniors. Tusuja behaved like a naughty boy and he wasn't intimidated by Bomani's threats. He only looked at Bomani and seemed unmoved, and then he moved on. Roi and Sokotei used the same tree to scratch their bellies. At around ten o'clock in the morning, the weather turned cloudy and the orphans felt a lot cooler. They concentrated mostly on browsing and enjoying the new green shoots from the plants.

Maramoja leading Orphans

Bomani warning Tusuja

Galla kneels to feed


Due to the ongoing dry season, the Ex Orphans and wild elephants show up on daily basis. The Ex Orphans target the lucerne grass which is provided every morning by the keepers from the store. Two wild elephants that appear to be new in the area walked with caution as they raised their trunks up, trying to determine how safe the area is. They could not understand how a gathering of elephants of similar age were located in this one area, and with so many humans as well! Their curiosity subsided when Laragai passed close by and extended her trunk towards them, probably in an effort of calming them down by answering their questions. Soon after the orphans were through with the lucerne, Kamok led the way to the browsing field where Tusuja settled to browse with Ukame. From time to time, the two could be seen communicating through touch, perhaps discussing the current drought and how it is affecting them by having to walk long distances for food to fill up their huge stomachs. Later, Tusuja and Galla, who are now considering themselves as grown up boys, had a sparring contest that ended in a draw.

Laragai, Kithaka, Boromoko, Sokotei, Siangiki, Garzi, Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Sirimon and Olsekki, every morning take a different route to the other orphans and return back late at night most of the time.

At mud bath time, the hot tempered Ukame, who has made an habit of pushing any elephant close to her after having her milk, threatened to push Namalok. If it were not for the keepers intervening by shouting at Ukame, then Namalok would have had a difficult time with Ukame. After mud bath, the orphans stampeded in fright when a troop of chattering baboons passed by at a high speed. The orphans didnít understand why the baboons were running so opted to run as well! The afternoon was quiet as the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing.

Tusuja playing with Galla

Wanjala mud bathing

Ukame and Kamok



Galana, baby Gawa, wendi, baby Wiva, Chyulu, Lenana, Nasalot, baby Nusu, Makena, Orwa, Bomani, Sidai and Narok joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. A lone buffalo showed up for water at the stockade in the morning. As the buffalo settled for water Tusuja and Kamok spotted it and tried to charge. The buffalo stood its ground making Kamok and Tusuja retreat. Kamok met with Gawa and tried to scare her, something that left everyone wondering what sort of mother would she become when she grows up! Initially the girls are supposed to be good nannies and guardians to the young since at one point they will be mothers and they should learn early how to be when the time comes. Tusuja had a lone game of rolling on the ground as Laragai, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Garzi, Lemoyian, Siangiki and Olsekki left with the Ex Orphans. Boromoko and Sokotei were not seen in the morning but by noon they had come back and joined Laragai. Sirimon decided not to join the Ex Orphans but instead stuck with the dependent orphans. At mud bath time, Roi, who has become so greedy for milk, decided to play a trick on the keepers. After having her milk, Roi stood a short distance away sucking her trunk and pretending to be a good girl. As the keepers got themselves busy on feeding the next group, Roi tiptoed up and managed to grab a bottle of milk from the ground. The keepers shouted and told her to stop but she didnít listen and guzzled all the milk before one of the keepers could retrieve the bottle from Roi's mouth. Roi wasnít disappointed but just noted somewhere that next time she should have the perfect plan to make sure that she empties all the contents in the bottle before she gets caught. 

Chyulu eating

Gawa begging from her mum

Zurura playing with Garzi

Naseku with baby Nusu

Roi snatching a bottle!


Yatta, her baby Yoyo and Yetu, Kinna, baby Kama, Mulika, Mwende, Kenze, Orwa, Meibai, Ithumbah, Sunyei, baby Siku and two wild bulls joined the juniors for lucerne in the morning. The playful baby Kama tried to attack Pare but he didnít stand for her bad behavior; this was not her first time trying to tease Pare then run back to her mum. This time Kama was a distance away from her mum and Pare took the opportunity to teach Kama a lesson. Pare pushed Kama then moved away to avoid being detected by her mother.

Later the orphans were joined briefly by Olareís group who took Sokotei and Boromoko away with them. The orphans were joined by fifteen wild bulls at mud bath, a number which is so far the highest recorded at mud bath since the beginning of the year. This is an indication of how dry it is getting as each day passes. The juniors had respect for the bulls and waited for some time before the keepers helped them by moving the bulls so the orphans could have some water too. This is because the bulls have all the time they want but the dependent orphans are on a time schedule. The juniors have to get enough food before the end of their day which is five o'clock in evening when they return back to the stockades. The orphans enjoyed drinking water as they praised their keepers for helping them get to the water. In the afternoon, Pare and Maramoja took a break from feeding to relax under a tree. When it was time to go back to the stockades, Boromoko and Sokotei had not yet returned so they spent the night out with Olareís group.

Pare pushing Kama

Orwa eating lucerne

Boromoko and Meibai

Enkikwe recovering

Wild bulls at mud bath




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