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It was a sunny day for the orphans and they all really enjoyed it. Jotto as usually was leading the games and his first choice was a wrestling game. Malkia was in a good mood and enjoyed a pushing game with him. Later after their 9am milk feed, they decided to go further into the forest. Inside the thicket where the elephants had settled to browse, no one at first saw Solio there too! Black rhinos usually rest or sleep in the heat of the day, and Solio was fast asleep and did not hear the orphan elephants browsing towards her. She was woken up by the breaking of bushes as they fed close to her and she got up in a hurry, breathing loudly through her nose as a warning to the elephants. The orphans were scared and went running back to their keepers for safety, but when Solio realised it was just the elephants orphans she walked away quietly, looking for another quiet spot to go back to sleep. Tagwa and Sana Sana did a sort of mock-charge after her, but the keepers stopped them so to leave Solio in peace.  

Jotto was in a playful mood

Malkia eating delicious grass

Sana Sana


We have noticed that recently Sagala, Mteto, Ndiwa, Mundusi, Mapia and Ndotto have formed their own little mini group. Out in the field between feeding times at 9, noon and 3pm, they sneak away and with dominant Ndotto and Ndiwa leading the way they take themselves far off deep into the forest, keeping themselves busy browsing and not caring to turn back and join the others and the keepers. All these orphans obviously have a wild and independent spirit compared to those that like to stick close to their keepers.

Earlier our lovely girl Solio, who has not been back to the stockades for some time, decided to pay us a visit with her wild male bull friend. Solio the rhino was happy to bring her friend back to where she was raised by her loving human family. The presence of her male friend however really drove Maxwell crazy, and he scampered around his stockade obviously very annoyed to have a male so close to his territory. He knocked his horn against the posts of his room and sprayed urine all around, a clear sign of warning to the newcomer. Solio’s boyfriend did not come too much closer after sensing Maxwell’s agitation, but Solio didn’t care and came right in to greet her old human family.

Sagala, Ndiwa and Mundusi

Sagala browsing

Mapia on the left running with Ndotto

Max was not happy to see the visitor!


At 6am Solio encountered a gang of buffalos on her way to the Nursery. They were in the bushes surrounding Maxwell’s stockade. They charged at her trying to scare her back into the forest but she managed to dodge them and she came round to visit Maxwell, and get some tasty lucerne as well.

When the babies were in the forest the buffalos were still there standing under a tree. Ndiwa saw them and walked towards them. They didn’t seem to mind her company but they didn’t like the keepers and started walking away. Ndiwa followed them and the keepers tried to call her back but she kept following the buffalos. They had to run ahead and hide in the bushes from the buffalos, while trying to separate Ndiwa from them and eventually they managed, but it was quite a chase! She came back running and shouting in fear of being told off! Esampu, Sana Sana, Malkia and Mbegu ran to respond to her trumpeting. They all received her warmly with lots of hugging from Mbegu.
Very sadly one of the two arrivals from yesterday’s rescue died as she succumbed to her condition. The other one is very young and is doing okay but has a swollen foot and an injury down one side.

The little stubborn boy Maktao was well behaved during the public visit today. He was one of the first ones to get into the mud pool and after some time Jotto joined him as well, and they enjoyed wading together up and down in the mud. When Malima and Esampu jumped into the mud he moved away to his own spot so as not to get squashed by the bully girl.

Maxwell having a rest

Ndiwa browsing

Sana Sana ran to help Ndiwa

Maktao so muddy in the mud bath


Ex Orphan rhino Solio was fighting with the buffalos during the night so Maxwell was in a very tense mood this morning. He doesn’t want anything near his stockades so the warthogs have had a very hard time trying to reach his lucerne pellets in his food trough. Solio arrived at around 6.15 the previous afternoon; she seemed to be hanging around in the forest just waiting for the foster parents to leave because as soon as they left she walked straight into the empty stockades near Maxwell’s pen. She was given some lucerne and it wasn’t long before three male buffaloes approached her. She stood her ground to try and protect her food but there were too many for her. The keepers came to help her drive them away but they came back again to fight her. They eventually had her pinned against the side of the wall and she had no way to escape, so the keepers drove them away again and opened one of the empty stockades for her, put more lucerne in and she spent the night in the pen. The gate was opened at 6am but she only left around 8am having had quite a rough night; and she left without saying goodbye to Maxwell.

Maramoja was in charge of babysitting Pili today; no one else was allowed to approach him. The babies were fussing around at mud bath today as there were no lucerne pellets. After her milk Tamiyoi ran around to all the places where the lucerne piles are normally put but found nothing. She felt all over the ground with her trunk but came up empty and ran over to the keepers with her trunk outstretched to ask where the pellets were. The keepers gave her a finger to suckle but she declined and walked away.

Maxwell fighting off some warthogs

Maxwell in a very excitable mood

Pili with Maramoja

Tamiyoi was very upset there were no pellets


Maxwell became very excited at about 8pm in the evening which all the keepers thought was because of the buffaloes that come to share his lucerne. However, it turned out it was because Solio had come to visit and he was so happy he charged up and down his stockade. When she didn’t find any keepers around, she decided to go and lay down in an empty stockade, but not before going to say hello to Maxwell through the bars of his gate. When she heard the elephants leaving for the field in the morning she woke up, knowing the keepers would be around to help her. However, she seemed to want to avoid the elephants so she stayed quietly in her stockade until she thought they had all left. However, the baby elephants stayed longer than usual in the compound as they wanted to greet the new baby that arrived in the evening from Voi, who we named Sagalla. Solio eventually gave up waiting and started calling for her lucerne which the keepers happily supplied for her and then she went back into the forest.

Malima was in a very excitable mood this morning and was having lots of fun trumpeting and running around. Pare, Malkia and Godoma then joined her and they all had a fantastic time trumpeting and rolling around the in bushes. Meanwhile, Ngilai allowed new boy Pili to suckle his ears, which was a comfort he used to get from Elkarama. Mbegu was watching from a distance just to make sure all was well, but Godoma did not trust Ngilai’s intentions and pushed him away from Pili.

Maxwell loves Solio's visits

Malima was in a very excitable mood today!

Godoma joined in Malima's fun

Ngilai was so nice to little boy Pili




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