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Upon exiting the stockade Mudanda ran straight to Wasessa before Bada could even try and greet her. Bada became sad and desperate as she is also very close to Wasessa and in the absence of Sorka is more needy than usual. Kivuko noticed that Bada was upset and came over to reassure her and give her some love and company. The two spent the day browsing next to one another with Kivuko joining Pandaís group when they returned to the stockade in the evening thus managing to sneakily get some milk together with the rest of the milk dependent orphans.  

Orphans at the waterhole with the keepers

Bada sitting on the edge of the mudbath


A small wild elephant family came browsing past the orphans at 2.40pm. Kenia was allowed to stay and browse close to a small calf that was with the group until more of the orphans came to join in and greet the calf which caught the attention of its mother who came to take her calf away as the group headed off to a different area. Kenia tried to follow them for a while but upon realizing that she was getting separated from her friends rejoined the rest of the orphan group. The orphans were quiet today sensing that they had lost a special member in Sorka

Kenia with a wild calf

Wild cow and her calf


The keepers had put a big blanket to cover the late Sorka in an effort to try and hide her body from the rest of the orphans who would be devastated to have lost a friend. Once the stockade doors were open the youngsters ran for their milk not realizing what had happened. Bada and Naipoki tried to return to the stable that Sorka was in to check on her and see how she was but the keepers called them and kept them away. They definitely sensed something was wrong. We ensured the orphans were taken to the distant northern side of Msinga hill and Angela had request a postmortem was conducted on Sorka by Dr. Poghon from the Trust funded Mobile Veterinary Unit as Sorkaís problem and why she had not thrived despite our best efforts had remained a mystery. The postmortem revealed that Sorka had died from hemorrhagic enteritis. That evening the orphans missed Sorka and continued to look for her.  

Naipoki left with Mudanda

Bada at the stockade reaching her trunk forward


Sorka who has remained weak collapsed today at the mudbath which shocked us all. We quickly loaded her onto the tractor drove her to the comfort of the stockades and after discussions with Angela at Nairobi HQ quickly placed her on a drip. With the advice of Dr. Poghon and Angela we medicated her but she did not seem to improve. In the afternoon Sorkaís great friend Bada came to see how she was doing with Naipoki and Panda also coming by to check on their ailing friend. Very sadly Sorka passed away later that night. Despite only being with us for a few short months she will be missed by both her human and elephant family.  

Sorka in a state of collapse

Sorka is placed on a drip

Panda and Bada


It was a nice morning as the orphans enjoyed a game of hide and seek in the stockade compound before heading out to the field for a long day of feeding. After two hours of uninterrupted browsing, a flock of migrating birds passed over tiny Bada who got scared and started running around in a confused state. Ishaq-B acted first and went to calm down Bada giving him the assurance that he needed that all was well and he could continue feeding.
The orphans headed to the water hole with the milk dependant orphans in the lead while their old counterparts brought up the rear. A lot of fun was had at the mudbath with Dabassa shining in the games. Sorka was enjoying playing gently with Bada before Dabassa came in and tried to mount Sorka who is still not very strong and as such was quick to leave the water. Kihari enjoyed leading the mini herd back to the stockade in the evening.

Sorka standing next to Bada in the mudbath

Orphans enjoying the mudbath

Bada heading into the bushes




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