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Recently, once they have finished their bottle feeds, Mundusi, Malkia and Tagwa have been little trouble makers during feeding times. They keep running from one keeper to the next or to where their friends are having their bottles to demand another, when really they know that two bottles is their maximum! They seem to love it at the moment and canít get enough. During the public visit today Mundusi was almost uncontrollable! He quickly finished his milk and then jumped on Sagala who was peacefully enjoying her milk bottles. He head butted her because he wanted her milk and because she was quietly enjoying her milk with her eyes closed she didnít expect it and she stumbled backwards yelling. The keepers got cross with him and warned him away, keeping him away from the rest of the group for the rest of the session.  

Mundusi, Mbegu, Sattao and Malima

Mundusi has been naughty at feeding time

Malkia having her milk

Sagala browsing


The very small babies walked out of their stockades a bit later in the morning today to join the other orphans out in the forest. It was so sweet as when they picked up the scent of the other orphans and the path they had taken, they started yelling with delight. Their calls were heard by Tagwa, the adopted mother of the babies, Godoma, Mbegu, Malima, Sana Sana, Esampu and Tamiyoi who all walked towards where the babies were to escort them back to where all the orphans were busy browsing. The babies were most concerned and captivated by Tagwa, who they love very much.

Before it was time to go to the public visit today, Shukuru, Sagala, Ndiwa, Ndotto and Lasayen sneaked away from the group to browse deep in the forest. Sagala, Ndiwa and Lasayen turned back before the public visit began and returned to the group so they could go down for their milk, leaving Shukuru and Ndotto in the forest. Ndotto was clever enough to find his own way to the mud bath before the visiting time ended however. Shukuru never made it to the public visit in time as she took her time browsing, but she appeared at the mud wallow a bit later when all of the orphans had already gone back into the forest. She is wise enough to be able to follow the path they took, and soon joined up with them again in the bush.

Sweet Tagwa browsing

Godoma walking to the babies

Sana Sana

Shukuru out in the forest


During the public visit today, most of the orphans showed no interest in mud bathing as they had already had so much fun in puddles and small mud holes they had found out in the forest that morning. Big boys like Ndotto, Murit and Lasayen and some of the big girls like Mbegu, Godoma, Sana Sana, Tagwa, Mteto, Sagala and Ndiwa had all rolled around in the mud that morning, a joyful event which also saw youngsters like Malima, Emoli, Tamiyoi, Jotto, Ambo, Musiara, Sattao, Kiasa, Mapia and Enkesha all join in too and take their time getting nice and muddy before it was time for their 9 oíclock bottle feeding. By the time it was the public visit, none of the orphans bothered mud bathing and some like Maktao and Sattao were enjoying pushing games. Maktao was chasing Sattao along the rope cordon trying to climb on him, a game he is always fond of just like our big boy Ndotto! Sattao was trying to resist him by turning to head butt him, but Maktao persisted! Jotto and Ambo decided to start a similar game with Malima and chased her next to the rope cordon trying to climb on her, but Malima was wise to their ways and went and sought refuge by standing next to Godoma. The two boys were left with no option other than to turn to each other and start a wrestling game of their own! 

Mbegu having her milk

Sagala in the mud

Ndiwa getting nice and muddy


Early in the morning soon after the orphan herd walked out of their rooms, many of them were enjoying touching and bumping into each other in morning greeting. Little Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were seen busy chasing after one another round and round the compound. Sattao and Maktao then enjoyed a pushing game and then tried to climb on Musiara, who reacted by trying to head butt them! Maktao loves soil dusting and rolling on the ground, and he spotted some fresh murram soil that had been laid out in the stockade compound. He lay down which made Musiara and Sattao want to come over and climb on him, but he yelled out for help with the weight of the two babies on top of him! Tagwa and Godoma came running over to see what was happening, and when the two boys spotted the older girls running towards them, they got off Maktao and ran off trumpeting into the bushes where all the other orphans were browsing, knowing they were doing something naughty! When the boys turned back to see what Maktao was doing, he was walking towards them escorted by Godoma and Tagwa. Playful Musiara tried to touch him with his trunk but was not happy and he had obviously not forgiven them, and head-butted him hard! This prompted Musiara and Sattao to stay away from Maktao for awhile. 

Musiara, Malkia and Sattao

Maktao browsing

Tagwa very relaxed

Godoma with the rest of the orphans


Today is the only day we are closed in the whole year but the elephants do not know that, or that it is Christmas, and their day began like any other. They came out of their stockades to go and browse in the forest as usual and they were pretty calm today, and did not mess around like they do other mornings. The tiny baby was not left behind as she was seen struggling to reach up to Mbeguís ears, as she is fond on suckling on hers, Tagwaís and Godomaís ears for comfort.

Soon after the 3pm milk feed, Ndotto, Lasayen, Mundusi, Ngilai and Ndiwa challenged the keepers and sneaked away from the group to browse deep in the forest right up until 5pm, when they still showed no intention of coming home as they were busy enjoying the tasty vegetation they had found! It was funny when Mundusi and Ndiwa saw the keepers as they got a fright, which frightened the others and they all went running back to the stockades on their own.

The little baby sucking on Tagwa's ear

Mbegu, Tagwa and the little baby

Ndotti sniffing

Mundusi heading to a green branch




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