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Kiasa is such a funny little girl who always shows off different characters. Sometimes she is patient and calm and other times she is a downright bully who is hard to control. Today during the 11am milk feed, she had her milk bottle very calmly, but as soon as she was done she surprised her Keeper by running off and head-butting all of those she came across still having their bottles. On the other hand, Tagwa is such a gentle and calm girl who never bullies any of the others, even when they might be picking on her. Like earlier today we saw Malkia and Kuishi poking her with their tusks to make room for them as she was busy browsing. Tagwa just quietly walked away leaving Malkia and Kuishi to browse where she had been. Tagwa just went and settled next to where Musiara, Luggard, Mapia and Enkesha were since she loves to show love and attention to the young babies.  

Kuishi heards something in the distance

Enkesha sucking her trunk

Orphans heading home


Wow, what a day for Musiara; this little boy has had a day full of fun. As of today there is a new mud bath which has been dug as we have had some warm days punctuating the cold now. After having their milk bottles, Musiara led Emoli, Maisha, Maktao and Kiasa into the new mud pool. In the first group of eight babies who came down for their milk, only Enkesha and Sattao opted to concentrate on browsing on the greens rather than go in the mud bath. Enkesha normally loves mud bathing and is usually the first one in the water, but perhaps she was just not feeling up to it today. It did not take long for Kiasa, Maisha and Maktao to come out of the mud and join them to browse, but Musiara and Emoli enjoyed climbing on Tamiyoi’s back as she rolled around in the mud.

Back out in the forest, the fun for Musiara continued as he engaged Sattao in a pushing game, and then a game of hide and seek too. Their game came to an end though when Sattao took a break and went to suckle on Tagwa’s ear. Musiara approached him to try and invite him back to their game, but Tagwa thought Musiara was coming to push Sattao and she turned on him, pushing him away.

Musiara going to the mud-bath with his friends

Maisha sniffs the air

Kiasa in a hurry to get her milk bottle


Sometimes we think that almost every kind of character we find in people we can also find in the elephants as well. With this in mind there has been one orphan who we have looked upon recently as being very generous, and that is Sana Sana. She is a very generous girl and you will never normally find her fighting with any of the others over food. Most evenings when she returns home to her stockade she is left with hardly any green browse in her room as her neighbours Sagala and Jotto always steal it through the partitions, but she never fights them or loses her temper. With Maktao and Kiasa the case is very different. These two little neighbours charge and fight each other through their partition over their food. Maktao finds it okay for Enkesha on the other side to share his food with, but for some reason not Kiasa! When Kiasa then comes across Maktao out in the forest during the day, it is like she wants to seek revenge for what has happened during the evening, very much unlike Sana Sana.

It is so interesting for us to hear the orphans communicating, even if we are unsure what they are saying. When a Keeper arrived out in the forest this morning at around 8am with a radio handset, the Keepers then started communicating between those in the stockades and in the forest. Tagwa, Luggard, Enkesha and a few others were close to the Keepers. Ndiwa and Malkia also heard the radio and Malkia rumbled, and Ndiwa too. Tagwa who was closest to the Keeper with the handset must have answered whatever question might have been posed as she offered up a very strong and long low rumble. To confirm their communication even more, Enkesha and Luggard raised their trunks in the air as if they were trying to smell something. We suspect their communication was all about the fact it was nearly milk time, and this is what they had learnt from the fact the radio handsets were making noise, as the Keepers always communicate when it comes close to feeding time.

A very relaxed Sana Sana

Sagala browsing deep in the forest

'Jotto crossing the water with Maktao


At six in the morning the orphans were on their way out to the forest for the day and it was another freezing cold day. Kiasa and Maisha were leading the group and telling everyone where they should browse. Not everyone wanted to be led by the two little girls. As they went deeper into the forest they were left with only 9 in their group as Tagwa has decided to break away with the others. Later during the 9am milk feed, Tagwa had to come and save Sattao from the grumpy girl Kiasa. Sattao was having his milk when Kiasa arrived out of nowhere and started fighting him for his milk. The greedy girl has already had hers, but she wanted some of Sattao’s as well! Both the Keeper feeding Sattao and Sattao himself kept turning in circles trying to avoid Kiasa, but she kept head-butting and pushing him. Tagwa watched Kiasa causing all this trouble from a distance and ran towards her charging, shoving her to the side and driving her away from the area and keeping an eye on her so she could not cause any more trouble during the feeding.  

Kiasa trying to lead orphans to browse

Sattao in the forest

Tagwa off to the 11am feed


Emoli was in an active, playful mood today, but unfortunately for him others the others were not ready to play. He tried to invite Maktao to play several times but Maktao kept avoiding him. He then went over to Musiara but he didn’t feel like playing either. Musiara walked away every time Emoli approached him. Emoli finally went to take his frustration out on the warthogs by driving them away from where they were feeding next to them, into the thicket.
When it was time for the orphans to go back to the forest from the mud bath, the little ones were following their Keepers. It is still cold throughout the day at the moment and none of them wanted to cross the cold water. As they tried to avoid the water, Ndiwa, Sagala, Ambo and Mapia started shoving them from behind. Kiasa and Maisha ended up in the water as they were pushed from behind. Tagwa and Malkia came rushing forward and took control of the situation. They stood on either side and made sure the rest of the babies crossed safely without falling into the water.

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Mapia sucking his trunk

Malkia in the forest




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