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As the morning sun filled the Nursery area, Maxwell took advantage of the nice weather and lay down with his legs out wide to get the most warmth he could. Our blind rhino continued to enjoy the sun before a group of warthogs decided to visit his stockade and share his lucerne grass pellets. Maxwell did not hear the warthogs arrive but the sound of them eating woke him up. He ran round his stockade trying to chase them out before the naughty pigs eventually left fearing their safety.

The orphans had a lovely time during the public visit today as most of them decided to take a mud bath in turns. Malima stole everyone’s hearts surprisingly enough as she was sprinkling the visitors with muddy water. Little boys Maktao and Sattao opted to dust themselves after their swim, while Tamiyoi, Kuishi, Murit and Jotto waded in the mud hole. Kiasa was not interested in mud bathing and stood in the far corner dusting herself and allowing some of the visitors to touch her.

Maxwell lying in the sun

Maxwell eating his lucerne pellets

Malima and Musiara

Lovely Malima


Malima is a clever little girl. Today she saw one of the babies coming out to the forest to join the rest of the group. From a distance she watched as one picked up a piece of rubbish and put it in his mouth. She swiftly ran over to meet him and snatched out the piece before escorting him to join the herd. Tamiyoi and Jotto then stepped up and led the little one away from the group. One of the other little babies loves Tagwa and Mbegu the most and whenever she joins the orphans in the forest she will raise her trunk in the air trying to find one or both of these females. Sattao has come to accept the presence of the babies around Mbegu as well. Before it was difficult to share her attention, just after he had won her affection from Ambo, but now he does not mind as much. Mbegu still dedicates lots of special time to Ambo too, even though he is older than these babies and Sattao now.

Musiara and Luggard are still special friends but when they are browsing they do tend to separate these days, as Musiara likes to walk deep into the forest now with Ndotto, Mundusi, Sagala and Ngilai. Luggard prefers to stay close to the keepers. But when it comes time to milk feeding times they will always want to accompany each other. They both walk slowly because of Luggard’s bad leg, but they also like to dawdle and often get distracted. Today when a keeper walked back to check on them as they had not arrived for their milk bottle during the public visit, they were found enjoying a dust bath half way down the path!

Maisha has her special place to stand during the public visit. When everyone else in enjoying a mud bath, she is far in the corner standing in the shade cooling herself and dosing whilst the others play.

Malima is a clever girl


Tagwa loves babies

Mbegu and Ngilai

Musiara with a Keeper


Maktao is still so attached to his human family and is never happy if they are not around. It is because of this that sometimes his friends will ignore him now if he starts to complain, because they know it is just something small. This morning he was in the company of Luggard, Shukuru, Maisha and Jotto in the woods when suddenly, just because he couldn’t see a keeper, he started screaming very loudly. None of the other babies paid any attention to him though! When he became too loud Jotto stepped in to make him quiet, as there were other ones present even younger than him and he was making such a fuss. Receiving no help from his friends Maktao started running back towards the stockades crying out, and the keepers came over to stop him. When he heard them call his name he ran towards them and everything was fine again. We know the others are just bored of his cries because if any of the other little ones cry, others like Mbegu, Tagwa, Malima and Godoma will go charging over to see what is wrong.

It was the same case for Musiara during the public visit today. He was playing in the mud bath and Godoma joined him there too. He moved slightly to make way for Godoma and played in the muddy area behind. He submerged himself in the mud and took a light nap, and when he awoke he found he was now stuck in the thick mud! He couldn’t get up and started shouting for help, and immediately Godoma was there with Malima, Tamiyoi and Jotto standing on the side to offer help. In the end it was the keepers and Godoma who helped him out – but nonetheless it was a very different scenario to when Maktao calls for help, as he always cries wolf!

Maktao loves his human family

Little Maisha eating grass

Jotto browsing

Godoma with Lasayen


Tagwa is showing strong signs of becoming a matriarch in the future. She loves taking care of little ones and today spent a lot of time with the tiny babies. She offered her ears to be suckled and even gently patted the baby and helped to dust her tiny body with her trunk. After awhile the baby moved to join Mbegu who was busy browsing close to Tagwa. Luggard and Murit were having a small play fight but Malima interrupted them. This annoyed the usually forgiving Luggard and he pressed his short tusks into her side to move her away. This didn’t stop the determined Malima however and she managed to grab Murit’s tail and Murit couldn’t run away from the disruptive girl.
Due to the hot weather at the moment, all the orphans enjoyed the mud bath today with Sattao, Musiara, Maisha, Ambo, Emoli, Jotto and Godoma enjoying it the most. Tamiyoi managed to spray the visitors with mud as they enjoyed watching the orphans mud bathing!

Tagwa having her milk


Musiara all muddy

Mbegu very muddy!

Muddy Jotto


Despite Mbegu’s love and care for all the elephants, her relationship with Ambo is still strong. The ‘bigger’ baby boy is always close to his adopted mother these days, browsing by her side and sometimes even touching her teats with his trunk. Mbegu has a great task in caring of all the little babies as well, and letting them suckle on her ears whenever they need to be comforted.
During the public visiting time today, Jotto was the first one to get into the water hole to enjoy his mud bath and cool down in the heat of the day.

Jotto carefully got into the water and gently lowered his whole body in without causing any splashes. Malima and Maisha followed suit but Mapia and Tamiyoi decided to spray themselves by standing on the edge and collecting muddy water with their trunks to throw on their bodies. The ended up not only spraying themselves but the keepers and the visitors in the process as well! Luggard also got into the water and submerged his whole body, lifting his trunk out and swinging it around with joy. Kiasa and Murit opted to hang out with their keepers along the rope cordon and avoid any interaction with their mud covered friends!

Ambo drinking from the trough

Mbegu lying down and Ambo getting out

Jotto all nice and muddy




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