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Tamiyoi is taking on Godomaís old role very well and is showing promise of becoming an excellent mini matriarch within the herd. With some of the babies it is not often we find them sharing or inviting their friends to share food with them, but Tamiyoi has remained gentle and polite and is a peace-maker among the young group. Some of the babies like Enkesha recognize her good nature and appreciate her character so much, they invite her to share their food with them. Enkesha is normally quite protective of her food, especially when approached by one of her age-mates, but not with Tamiyoi or the very little ones. Today during the public visit she got very angry with Malima and charged at her to keep her away from her food pile, but allowed Tamiyoi to share with her.
Today for once it was Kiasa who had to teach one of her age-mates a lesson. Emoli was being a little trouble maker and head butting those in front of him, but Kiasa came over and chased him away which was very interesting to see. Perhaps there is only room for one naughty elephant!

Tamiyoi with Maktao playing


Little Enkesha


When the orphans had settled out to browse in the forest in the early morning, Ambo, Tamiyoi and Enkesha were all spotted enjoying a playful moment as Ambo chased after the two girls. The two girls were too clever for Ambo and when he was busy chasing after one, the other would run up behind him and playfully head-butt him, prompting him to turn and chase the otherÖ and so it went on until Ambo became very confused over which one to chase, and gave up and just lay down on the ground so the other two girls could climb on him.

During the public visit today it was Maisha who was acting like the little show-off today! She was running up and down the rope cordon enjoying bumping into the public and also kicking some of the bags that were placed on the ground. She trumpeted at the visitors trying to scare them and also trying to rally some of her friends into joining her, but none of them wanted to join in her game. With Esampu in Tsavo now and Jotto and Ambo in the second group (not in the first as she is) she can run frolic and run about and show off to her hearts content, as there is no one to bully her or bring her down a notch!

Ambo in a playful mood

Sweet Enkesha browsing

Maktao with Maisha on the right


Today was a brighter day compared to the last few days, which meant all the orphans were active and playful. Musiara and Maisha were within the first group of orphans who came down for the 11am milk feed, and they set about having a fun dust bath after finishing their milk bottles. Later after all the orphans in the first group had finished their bottles, Enkesha led them into the mud bath for a swim. Out of the eleven orphans in the group, only Sattao wasnít interested in swimming. Tamiyoi was on vigilant guard duty, driving all the warthogs away from the area. At one point she was assisted by Maisha as well. Their vigilance however left some of the visitors uncomfortable as they drove the warthogs away through the feet of those standing nearby.
Malima and Emoli have become protective of the young ones it seems. Today there was a lady touching Maktao who was standing near the rope cordon, but Malima didnít like this and kept charging at the lady whenever she went to pet the young boy. The keeper sent her away but she threw a little back kick just to show her displeasure! There was another man holding a big camera taking photos, and Emoli didnít seem to like this either and kept charging towards it, trying to head butt the camera whenever the man pointed it at the orphans.

Malkia and her Keeper

Ndotto and Kuishi browsing

Tagwa leading the orphans to browse


Musiara still loves his friend Luggard and dotes on him. Every morning when he comes out of his room, he will never leave until Luggard comes out of his door as well. This morning Musiara came out of his room somewhat earlier than usual and before most of his friends including Luggard. He then proceeded to push Luggardís door a few times in vain, wanting him to come out and join him too. When this failed he ended up just hanging around Luggardís stable waiting for him. The keepers nor any of the others orphans could convince him to follow them when it was time to go into the forest. When Luggard eventually came out, they embraced trunks and slowly walked out to meet the others who were already in the forest.
Ambo is turning into a little boy who loves to play, even more than Malima within the young group. Malima has always been known to be a playful girl, one never to sit idle but at least start a pushing game with someone whenever she can. Ambo has been very active and playful today, wanting to play with everyone in the group. He started by inviting the little naughty girl Kiasa to a pushing game, but Tamiyoi wasnít very pleased about that and went over to separate them so she could take him on. From a distance Malima saw Tamiyoi playing with Ambo and she then came over to push Tamiyoi away. But Ambo had chosen to play with Tamiyoi, so Malima was driven away. The game became bigger however when Jotto and Malima decided to force their way in to the game with the other two! The keepers just had to keep extra eyes on them to make sure they didnít hurt any of the little ones.

Musiara putting his trunk in Jotto's mouth

Jotto Malima and Tamiyoi before the pushing games

Maktao drinking rain water


We are watching as the dynamics of the herd are shifting with the recent move of the older orphans. Mapia is still not very friendly to the little ones and Kuishi has no interest in mothering them, or at least she doesnít pay them any attention. This meant these two were promoted to the older group, leaving two groups of 11 each going down for their milk at the public visiting time. Tamiyoi would be leading the first group of 11, considered to be the younger group and which before was Godomaís herd. It seems like Tagwa will be the overall matriarch of a group, a position that Mbegu held for such a long time. Tagwa might have to work to assert this position, as Sana Sana and Malkia might also be interested in leading. Sana Sana generally maintains a low profile and is a very disciplined girl, though does not take great interest in the little ones although she can be fond of them. The advantage that Tagwa has is that her leadership qualities surpass those of the rest.
Shukuru is starting to become more friendly and bond with Sagala we have noticed. They spent most of the day together today, although they did not stray far from the others. These past few days Shukuru has been so good and has not wandered far; perhaps she understands that she needs to stay and guide the herd since the departure of Mbegu and her team.

Mapia chose to browse alone today

Kuishi happy to let others take the lead

Sagala choosing to browse close to Shukuru




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