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Much to everyone’s relief Solio showed up today, as usual enjoying the usual sparring match with Maxwell, who was overjoyed to have her company again. She also enjoyed a good Lucerne feed back in her old Stockade before departing again. Poor Kwale’s condition continues to deteriorate. He has now developed a swelling under his chin. The symptoms that mark his ill health mirrors that of other orphans in the past, some having recovered, but others such as Tano, whom we have lost. 



Narok peeks out from behind a tree


Teleki, who is normally a cool boy, today picked on Orwa who is much stronger and who sorted him out. He then picked on Ishaq-B. In the evening Quanza came running to Tano’s old Stockade before going into her own. She obviously was hoping to find Tano back there, but was deeply disappointed. Quanza knows all about death having seen her mother and family slaughtered by Poachers and having been found beside their dead bodies. 

Orwa and Teleki tussle

Quanza gets her trunk in a twist

Kithaka climbs on Tundani


All the orphans are also feeling the loss of Tano. They all spent a long time in her Stockade this morning, and looked very “down”. Only little Ajabu seemed unconcerned, being too young to understand. 

Ajabu enjoying a dustbath

Ellies going into the bush


It was a very sad morning following the sudden death of Tano last night. The Vet undertook an autopsy on her body, and discovered that she had a bone marrow malfunction, and was not able to create the blood she needed to maintain health. Apparently only a bone marrow transplant could have saved her and this is not possible in an elephant. Her remains were buried amidst a great deal of grief because she had always been a very gentle, caring much loved member of the Nursery herd. 

Tunadani and Tano

Sonje after a mudbath

Teleki and Orwa enjoy a tussle


Tano missed several of her milk feeds today and although her stockade was filled with soft tasty greens, she fed very little. Just before midnight, she suddenly collapsed and within 5 minutes breathed her last and was dead. The Keepers who were in with her were distraught, as were we all, because Tano is much loved, having been with us for the past 4 years. 

Tano taking milk from Edwin

Teleki, Quanza and Orwa

Muddy Orwa




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