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The orphans began the day playing happily around the stockade compound following their milk and supplement feeding. They then made their way to the browsing grounds there they settled to feed on the eastern side of Msinga Hill. They came down the hill at 3pm and whilst heading towards the big water hole they came across a big wild elephant with two calves, followed by a wild elephant bull. They did not stop to interact with any of the wild elephants as they were in a rush to get to the waterhole.

Later in the day, Lentili and Kihari teamed up to tackle Tundani in a tough head butting, pushing competition. When they were done with their strength testing games the three rejoined the rest of the group who were busy browsing before returning to the stockades for the night.

Arruba and the others behind her

Mashariki, Nelion and Arruba

Naipoki dust bathing


This morning the orphans were somewhat alarmed by the sounds the genet cats were making while they were having their milk feed. The two orphan genets had been found by some villagers who mistook them for leopard cubs. The villagers took them to their house and contacted the Kenya Wildlife Service who in turn contacted the DSWT/KWS mobile veterinary unit to collect the orphan genets and take them to the stockades.

There were some brief games around the stockade compound with Tundani enjoying a scratching session on a rock before joining the others as they left for the browsing grounds. The orphans spent the morning browsing on the northern foot of Msinga Hill, visiting the middle water hole at noon for their milk bottle after which they spent the rest of the day browsing close to the water hole.

Kenia scratching herself

Arruba pushing Ndoria against the Baobab

Araba looking for rain water in the tree trunk


The day started with the orphan elephants drinking their morning milk bottle and proceeding to feast on diary cubes and copra cake mix that had been put out for them. Ishaq-B then lay down to play but soon regretted her actions as Lentili came and lay on her stomach. Ishaq-B managed to free herself and before she even got to her feet she tried to engage Lentili in a fight, who was still seated on her bottom. By the time Ishaq-B got to her feet Lentili had taken off.

Nelion paid the price for Lentiliís actions as Ishaq-B engaged him in a pushing game while Tundani engaged Naipoki. Embu enjoyed testing the sharpness of her tusks by digging them into the hard ground.

The orphan herd made their way to the browsing grounds in an organized manner under Lentili and Masharikiís leadership. The browsing pace was deliberately slow to allow ample time for browsing on the foot of Msinga Hill. Today the vet unit brought two one week old genet cats from a village in Mwatate to the Voi stockades to be looked after.

Lentili digging her tusks into the soil

Ishaq-B trying to fight with Lentili

Embu soil digging games


This morning Bada seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when Tundani gave him a break and didnít engage him in a pushing game, something that has happened every morning for the past few days. The stockade dependant orphans enjoyed their milk and supplement feeding before proceeding to the browsing fields.

Mbirikani was extremely intent on feeding today as she took the lead, traversing several browsing routes, moving around steep slippery rocks on Msinga Hill in an effort to get the freshest and greenest vegetation. Lentili, who does not seem to want to accept the fact that she is junior to Mbirikani, overtook Mbirikani wanting to show that she is the superior leader.

The orphans visited the middle water hole in the afternoon, as the weather was quite warm. The babies all had a wonderful time playing mud bathing games which lasted quite a while and it was not until later that they exited the water hole to continue with their browsing activities.

Tundani rubbing his stomach

Tundani teasing Nguvu

Dabassa arrives at the stockades


It was a nice beginning to the day as the orphan elephants played happily around the stockade compound after the milk and copra cake feeding. It was games as usual, with Bada moving forward to engage his best friend Tundani in a tough test of strength. Nelion found that he didnít have a playmate as Nguvu and Ajali have not wanted to participate in any strength testing pushing games. Nelion went to engage Ishaq-B in a wrestling match but was not really satisfied as he needed and wanted to play with a boy to prove how strong he is.

The orphans made their way to the browsing grounds where Mbirikani, Rorogoi and Kihari led them in the morning browsing session on Msinga Hill. Tundani stood leaning against a big rock boulder as he browsed. He seemed to have found the perfect spot today as he drank water from a shallow cave at the base of the rock.

Nelion and Ishaq-B tusking up

Tundani leaning up against a rock

Araba and Arruba also search for water in a cave




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