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It was another wonderful morning Keniaís herd exited their stockades and enjoying an early morning milk bottle before settling to feed on range cubes, copra cake and Lucerne grass pellets.
They then enjoyed some dust bathing and scratching games around the stockade compound before heading to the browsing grounds.

Soon after they left the stockade, Dabassa and Layoni arrived. Layoni saw the leaving orphans and ran to catch Panda and engage her in a wrestling match. Panda did not want to be left behind by her group and as such ignored Layoniís advances.

On arrival on the western foot of Msinga hill, Tundani, Mbirikani and Bada steered the group to the peak of the hill which was cool and had palatable browse resulting in the orphans spending the whole day browsing there. They only descended in the evening in order to return to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Suswa browsing

Nguvu following the others

Mbirikani and Dabassa at the stockades


It was a wonderful beginning of the day with Kivuko and Lempaute arriving at the stockades first thing in the morning. Together with the orphan herd they enjoyed feeding on Lucerne pellets that had been mashed together with copra cake. The babies left their older friends feeding on Lucerne grass when they headed out to the browsing grounds.

The orphans browsed in single file, grabbing as much browse as possible in a slow and deliberate pacing motion. Nelion, Tundani and Mbirikani moved half way up the western side of Msinga hill rejoining the rest of the orphan herd when it was time for the noon milk feed.

The orphans as usual came in groups of five, downing their afternoon milk bottle and proceeding for the range cubes followed by wonderful mudbathing games. There was some commotion when Ndoria gripped Rorogoiís tail with her trunk in an attempt to bite it. This sent Rorogoi running out of the water screaming. The rest of the herd soon followed fearing that there may be something in the water.

Embu and Mashariki

Embu scratching up

Kenia leaning on Tundani


This morning the stockade dependant orphans concentrated on their milk and supplement feeding at the stockade compound before moving to the browsing grounds. Arruba engaged Tundani in a strength testing pushing game with each one doing their level best to be the victor.

Ajali and Pasaka were left behind as the others headed to the browsing grounds. Ajali screamed loudly to get them to wait for them as they were still enjoying the Lucerne grass pellets. The group did not want to wait and kept going so Ajali and Pasaka had to run to catch up with their friends.

The orphans browsed in single file arriving at the baobab water hole in groups of four as for their milk bottle and range cubes. Ajali showed his leadership skills today by taking over the group for the afternoon and leading them home in the evening.


Ndii browsing

Bada browsing

Orphans browsing


The orphan elephants left the stockades for the browsing grounds as soon as they had finished their milk and supplement feeding. They browsed in single file for the day with Bada and Mbirikani enjoying a private browsing session away from the rest of the group. Bada noticed that they were getting left behind by the others who had started to make their way to the waterhole and the two friends had to run to catch up with the group.

The orphans had a lot of fun playing mudbathing games, with Embu, Nguvu and Mudanda lying down in the water showing off their mudbathing skills. As the orphans were leaving the waterhole Nelion engaged Tundani in a brief strength testing game.

Bada gets left behind

Nelion and Tundani engaging

Dabassa resting


Another day dawned with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement feeding, after which they took off to the browsing grounds under the leadership of Lentili and Mashariki. They had a peaceful and calm browsing moment throughout the morning session before heading to the middle water hole.

After downing their milk bottles and drinking some water, there was a lot of bathing competitions with Mbirikani, Panda, Mudanda, Nelion and Tundani taking part. When the competition became too intense Mbirikani sneaked away and tried to exit the water from the steeper side which resulted in her slipping back into the water. She covered her error by acting as if it was what she wanted to do and continued mudbathing.

As the orphans were heading back to the browsing fields they enjoyed a roadside dustbath with Ndii, Naipoki, Mashariki and Ishaq-B having the most fun.

Ishaq-B down in the water

Mbirikani sliding mud games

Ishaq-B, Mashariki and Mbirikani dusting games




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