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Eight wild elephants were drinking water at the stockade water troughs when the orphans were let out. In the company of the wild elephants were Lualeni, Tomboi, Madiba, Buchuma, Olare’s group and Narok’s group. The Ex Orphans settled for lucerne with juniors and after the juniors left to go and browse in the Park. Garzi was left behind, having a good time with the Ex Orphans, especially Kibo, and they enjoyed a pushing game together. He later followed his friends out to the Park. Lemoyian and Sokotei engaged each other in a strength testing exercise while Boromoko played with Tusuja. Ukame settled to browse with Oltaiyoni as Galla teamed up with Wanjala.

At mud bath, the weather was cloudy and none of the orphans wanted to mud bath again. Olsekki picked up a branch left behind by wild elephants and kept himself busy by peeling its bark off while Kamok, though it was cloudy, relaxed under her usual tree. Naseku was in an excitable mood and trumpeted as she ran into bushes, charging and knocking anything in sight. In the afternoon, Tusuja and Lemoyian had a light strength testing game that ended when Kithaka passed by and intervened by tackling Lemoyian. Dupotto settled to browse with Sokotei while Wanjala settled to browse with Karisa. In the evening Olsekki tried to engage Boromoko in a pushing game but Boromoko declined due to fear of losing the game to Olsekki.

Lenana plays with Vuria

Naseku in a charging mood

Orphans relaxing in the shade

Boromoko playing around with Olsekki


Mutara’s group in the company of Narok, Bongo, Vuria, Orwa, Teleki and few members from Olare’s group were at the stockade compound early in morning. They dependent orphans joined them as soon as they had finished their morning milk. A wild herd consisting of eight members and an eighteen month old baby showed up and half of the group including the baby joined the juniors for lucerne. The baby interacted with Olsekki, Roi, Boromoko and Enkikwe who had a light pushing game with the baby.

Back out in the bush, Galla had great time soil dusting while Boromoko and Olsekki settled for a pushing game that ended soon when Boromoko surrendered. Shukuru, Roi and Kamok scratched all their itchy places on nearby rocks before going back to browsing. Orok came to mud bath accompanied by his friends and then walked down to join the juniors to mud bath. Soon after Karisa had enough of wallowing, he walked up to the water trough and joined some wild bulls that were drinking water. Karisa took the water he needed and left to join his friends that had started heading back out. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. The sun was still hot and Kamok, Sokotei, Enkikwe and Karisa took a break from feeding to relax under a tree. Later in the day Tusuja, Lemoyian and Barsilinga decided to dust themselves in some soil and then Kamok led the way back out to the stockade.

Roi scratching in the morning

Olsekki chats with wild baby

Roi greets a wild baby

Orok mud bathing with the orphans


The orphans in the morning were joined by Ex Orphans Galana, her baby Gawa, Loijuk, Naserian, Lualeni, Lenana, Kenze and six wild bulls. Soon after having enough of the lucerne, Shukuru led the way to browsing field. Boromoko then engaged Tusuja in pushing game that was cut short by Sirimon who wanted to join in too. Boromoko and Tusuja were not interested in playing with Sirimon and walked away. Boromoko moved to play with Lemoyian as Olsekki settled to play with Enkikwe. Galla and Wanjala took a break from feeding to play in the soil by rolling on the ground. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud bathing water. The orphans only drank milk then water from the trough before heading back to the browsing field.

Garzi and Kithaka had brief strength testing exercise that ended when Kithaka surrendered. In the evening on their way back to the stockade, the orphans were joined by Yatta’s senior Ex Orphan group that escorted them all the way to the stockade.

Orphans drinking water

Kithaka playing with Garzi

Shukuru looking lovely

Yatta and her Ex Orphan herd


Tusuja was the first one to leave the stockade followed by Roi today. Kamok and Shukuru had branches in their mouths as they headed out. Dupotto met with Ex Orphan bull Rapsu outside the stockade and exchanged morning greetings before heading to join Kibo to feed on lucerne. Olare and Mutara’s groups in the company of Madiba, Rapsu, Kilaguni and Chaimu attended the morning lucerne feeding as well. On the way to the browsing field, Enkikwe and Olsekki briefly engaged one another in a morning strength testing exercise as Boromoko played with Sokotei. Orwa, Bomani and Vuria joined the juniors to browse while Vuria and Barsilinga held a pushing contest that went for quite some time before Barsilinga bowed out. At mud bath time the orphans were joined by only fifteen wild bulls and when they were done, Laragai led the way back to the browsing field. The orphans had a quiet afternoon until the evening when Olsekki and Enkikwe wound up the day's activities by engaging in a pushing game that lasted for a short time.  

Dupotto eating with Kibo

Enkikwe playing with Olsekki

Garzi playing with Vuria

Orwa, Vuria and Bomani in the stockade compound


Olare’s group in the company of Chaimu, Kilaguni, Lualeni, Kenze and several wild elephants joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. The sky was partly cloudy and when the orphans were through with the lucerne, Shukuru led the way to the browsing field. Tusuja teamed up with Boromoko to browse while Wanjala settled to browse and chat with Siangiki. Later, Shukuru took a break from feeding to dust herself in the loose soil and after joined Olsekki to browse again. Twenty five wild bulls attended mud bath with the orphans. After their mud bath the orphans dusted themselves in soil before going back to their browsing. They browsed along the upper Kalovoto area and concentrated hard on getting enough to eat and did not play any games.  

Boromoko with Tusuja

Shukuru soil dusting

Wild elephants arrive while orphans mud bath

Shukuru and Olsekki browsing together




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