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This morning the ex-orphans in Laragaiís herd visited the stockades in the early morning and waited outside. The orphans had their milk and came out to join them and then they all walked to the bush to browse. Tusuja and Ukame browsed separately from others. The orphans enjoyed the companionship from the older ex-orphans. Namalok, Pare and Wanjala browsed together and then the group walked towards some water to drink. Pare scratched his belly while Dupotto scratched her bottom. Kithaka and Laragai were rumbling between each other as they browsed together. Narokís herd then came and joined them too. Naseku was scratching on Dupotto's neck while Bomani was tossing chunks of soil on his back. Roi was playing by rolling on the ground.

It was a very hot today and all the orphans decided to go into the mud bath after their milk today. Ukame and Galla were climbing on Naseku and Tusuja respectively. The orphans enjoyed their swim then all came out at once to go back to browsing. Kamok rolled on the ground after her mud bath while Karisa browsed away from the others. Later on the orphans walked back home in the evening still with Laragai's group. We were also visited by one wild bull this evening. He came to drink water and then left.

Namalok, Pare and Wanjala

Elephants walk to a different place to browse

Dupotto scratching her bottom

Kithaka and Laragai talking together


It was wet and muddy everywhere this morning after we had some rain last night which makes it slippery everywhere. The orphans had their milk and came out of their stockades slowly as it was very slippery.

In the bush, Namalok started playing in the mud and rolling around. Heís not always playful but today he really was. He was digging at the ground with his tusks as he played. Wanjala joined him and they started competing. Tusuja and Rapa were the most playful elephants of the day however, as they were rolling in style and playing with their heads up, then their legs and trunks up and so forth. They were really showing off in different styles. Roi was playing on her own in mud as she scratched her hind legs in style. Dupotto, Ukame and Namalok started playing together again.

At the mud bath, the orphans had their milk bottles and walked straight back to the bush to browse as it was quite cloudy. Galla started scratching on a tree while Ukame was playing by digging at the ground with her tusks. Namalok later started scratching his bottom on a tree. It was wet and muddy everywhere and the orphans took care as they walked. We recorded 42mm of rain this evening and it is still drizzling.

Maramoja and Kauro drinking

Namalok playing in the mud Wanjala behind

Tusuja and Rapa playing


It was a very cold morning and everywhere was very muddy after the 12mm of rain we received last night. The orphans as usual walked down to the field after their milk and were welcomed by Sunyei and her baby Siku. They were also accompanied by Chyulu and Lenana. The orphans welcomed the baby and started kissing him all over with their trunks. Mutaraís group later came running in and joined them.

All the elephants were busy browsing and later all the ex-orphans separated themselves from the dependent orphans and walked away. The orphans walked towards the mud bath area for their midday milk bottle. It was quite hot and the orphans ran towards the mud hole and started swimming after their bottles. They later all came out and walked straight to the bush to browse. Some of the orphans walked on top of the rocks to dry out. Others were busy browsing while Sapalan and Karisa walked away from the rest of the group; they are the independent boys! The rest of the elephants were playing and rolling on the ground and splashed soil on their backs. Ukame was kissing Naseku with her trunk while Roi and Maramoja were patting each other all over with their trunks. The rest were busy browsing as there is enough food for them everywhere. Galla started drinking rain water from the rocks and later they walked home to the stockades.

Sunyei with baby Siku and Mutara's group

Kamok browsing high

Ukame talking to Naseku

Kauro leads the orphans back home


It was wet and still drizzling in the morning. The orphans treaded carefully on the slippery ground so as to not to slip and fall over. Despite being cautious on the slippery ground, Sapalan tripped and fell and didn't utter a word but composed himself like a gentleman, stood up and walked away, cursing the slippery ground. The morning was a quiet one without any ex-orphans joining the juniors. Even Laragai group didn't attend the morning lucerne session and we were not sure of their whereabouts. On the way to the browsing field, Wanjala walked behind Kauro and kept on bumping Kauro in the back. Kauro got tired of Wanjala's behaviour and to avoid conflict, Kauro just stepped aside to let Wanjala go ahead of him.

Galla settled to browse with Oltaiyoni while Dupotto settled to browse with Ukame. Nasalot, Lualeni, Teleki, Nusu, Bongo, Kilabasi, Makireti and a wild elephant visited the stockades in the morning. Nasalot, who is a good mother, walked to meet Enkikwe who was feeding around the stockade area. The two had a brief chat as Nasalot perhaps asked after Enkikwe to see how he was feeling. Enkikwe seemed very happy that Nasalot had taken the time to come over and visit him. He walked after Nasalot for several meters before stopping and walking back to the compound.

The orphans enjoyed every moment out in the bush as it was still drizzling. The drizzle went on up until noon when it stopped and became quite hot. The orphans spent so much time rolling on the ground and smearing themselves with red mud.

Galla and Oltaiyoni feeding

Enkikwe and ex orphan Nasalot

Dupotto feeding with Ukame


Mutaraís group, that for the time being has merged with Narok and Laragaiís groups as one herd, joined the orphans for lucerne pellets early in the morning. Galla and Tusuja came across a tree stump that both of them wanted to use to scratch on. At first they had a disagreement about who would use it first, but after sometime they came to a sort of an understanding that saw Galla use it first, and then Tusuja when Galla was satisfied. Maramoja used a nearby rock to scratch herself but shortly later, when she was in the process of happily scratching her belly, Naseku passed by and got jealous of how Maramoja was enjoying herself. Naseku kicked Maramoja away from the rock and took over in order to scratch herself. Dupotto settled to browse with Sities and we watched on as they seemed to communicate in that quiet language elephants have. Perhaps Dupotto was regaling Sities with tales of her experience away from the stockades when she was lost for close to three months. Sities in turn was perhaps discussing life in the wild and how she has been independent for two years now.

At around ten o'clock in morning, the orphans passed by Kone dam where they enjoyed a lovely wallowing session. At mud bath time, the orphans had their milk bottles but then chose to return to browsing and not go near the big mud wallow. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the lower Kalovoto area where Ukame, Wanjala and Namalok came across a water hole and decided to have a second mud bath.

Roi and Ukame

Orphans feeding

Sapalan feeding

Ukame, Wanjala and Namalok




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