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The orphans happily enjoyed their lucerne cubes this morning without being disturbed by their fellow Ex Orphans. In the bush they were all busy finding food and Tusuja was spotted sipping rain water from a rock with his trunk. Shukuru was busy walking in search of fresh leaves and was being very picky. They came across a pool of water in the bush and started playing. Kithaka browsed high in search of fresh leaves.

At the mud bath, after they had their milk, they were apparently still thirsty and walked straight to the water trough to drink water. Then the orphans went to the mud bath and started swimming. When they were done they all walked back into the trees with Olsekki and Enkikwe enjoying a play fight as they walked along. It was hot and they were standing under some shade. Kithaka scratched his trunk on the trunk of a tree. Kamok and Ukame browsed together. The group later came across a small pool of water again and started playing; Shukuru was the most playful of all. They then walked back to the stockades in the later afternoon. We had no more rain today.


The Ex Orphans from Mutara's group came in the morning to visit. The orphans had finished up with their milk and walked out to enjoy eating their lucerne cubes. The orphans later walked to the bush to browse, leaving the Ex Orphans behind to clear up the cubes.

The orphans were busy browsing in the bush with Karisa and Tusuja enjoying the cold morning. Shukuru was more active and was walking here and there. They came across a small water pool and started playing in it. Enkikwe was splashing water on his back and as he did so it reached all the way back to his friend Boromoko who was standing behind him. Ukame and Sirimon were resting under a tree. Occasionally Sokotei would raise his trunk up to reach the green leaves in the tree. Later on the group walked towards the mud bath.

It was still not very warm at this point but the orphans decided to try the mud hole and swam from one side to the other. The whole group really enjoyed the swimming with Shukuru and Dupotto not being left out. Ukame struggled to get out the wrong side which was very steep and she was unable to get out at first. Boromoko later led the group back out to the bush. Once there we enjoyed watching a play fight between Olsekki and Enkikwe. Enkikwe was being really funny as he was jumping high in the air and fighting almost like a fighting goat. They went on for a dust bath before going back to the bush.

Back in the bush, all the orphans looked happy and active as they browsed. It was quite hot by this stage and they came across a small mud bath and started playing in it. Shukuru was very active and rolled around in the water several times. Laragai led them back home in the evening.


It was a quiet and peaceful morning when the orphans left and settled for lucerne where they were joined by several Ex Orphans. Lemoyian started his day's activities by scratching on the nearby rocks while Boromoko and Tusuja settled for a strength testing exercise that came to an abrupt end when Kithaka intervened by pushing the two boys away. Kithaka is one amongst four orphans that are off milk and considering themselves as grownups; anytime they might quit the human family and join their friends in the wild. It's not clear whether Lemoyian, who came down at the same time with Barsilinga and Kithaka, will be willing to join them or remain behind to enjoy the pushing games he really loves playing with his fellow boys. Only time will tell what will happen. After their game was disrupted by Lemoyian, Boromoko moved to play with Olsekki as Lemoyian went to try his luck with Enkikwe. Enkikwe was not willing to participate in a pushing game with Lemoyian since he knew he would lose. Naisula joined the orphan herd out in the bush and had a great time with Ukame. They browsed together and soil dusted before Naisula escorted the juniors to mud bath. As the orphans were drinking water at the mud bath water trough, Karisa was forced to have a cold bath when without warning, Lemoyian came up from behind and pushed him into the water. The weather was chilly and the orphans returned back to the browsing field soon after having their milk and water.  

Lemoyian scratching

Galana leading

Naisula with Ukame

Lemoyian plays with Tusuja


The sky was partly covered by clouds when the orphans settled to feed on lucerne when they were joined by Buchuma, Kenze, Nasalot, baby Nusu, the wild orphan and three wild bulls. Shortly later Olsekki, Sokotei, Galla, Ukame and Tusuja walked down to the water trough where they joined a wild bull to drink water. Olsekki, who likes getting involved in pushing games with his fellow male friends, played with the wild bull by stepping on the wall of the water trough to try and make himself look bigger. The wild bull wasn't amused by Olsekki's antics but he knows how these little boys behave!

Shukuru led the orphans south east of the stockade where the herd encountered three buffaloes. With her ears out, Shukuru charged at the buffaloes to see if they would make way for the elephants. The buffaloes stepped out of way allowing the orphans to have pass peacefully. The weather was still chilly and only Half Trunk with a wild friend attended mud bath. Lemoyian and Enkikwe had a disagreement that led Lemoyian to chase Enkikwe as he tried to grab his tail to stop him for running away from a proper disciplining. Enkikwe tried as much as possible to free himself from Lemoyian and at last he succeeded. Olsekki engaged Tusuja in pushing game that didn't last for long as Tusuja gave up when he felt that he had no chance of either winning or obtaining a draw. Sirimon and Kithaka briefly participated in soil dusting exercise. In the evening, the cloudy sky gave way to light showers that lasted for only a short while.

Orphans join a wild bull to drink water

Olsekki stepping on the water trough

Orphans encounter buffalos

Nusu and Nasalot

Sirimon soil dusting


The weather this morning was cloudy and chilly following light showers received over night. This is an indication that the rainy season is on its way! After feeding on lucerne, Laragai, who at one time had left to be in the wild with her friends, but then later opted to return to the stockade, led the way to the browsing field. The no-nonsense girl who is feared by the boys because of her harshness, only has respect for Shukuru and Garzi. Laragai considers herself a grown-up and likes her privacy. She feeds a short distance away from her friends most of the time. She came across some rain water that had collected on a rock which she enjoyed drinking from before browsing again. Ukame briefly dusted herself with soil as the tuskless Lemoyian spent time trying to reach leaves high in the trees. Murka, Naisula and Kitirua joined the orphans out in the bush. Barsilinga briefly engaged Naisula in a play fight but Barsilinga bowed out when the going got tough for him. Six bulls attended mud bath and were calm enough to allow the orphans to share water with them. 

Laragai drinking rain water

Kitirua browsing with the orphans

Naseku and Galla sucking on their trunks

Karisa messing around




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