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Today was tragic – the day that we lost precious baby Wasin. At about 4 a.m. Wasin became very weak and was unable to stand without support. We immediately inserted a Dextrose intravenous drip into her ear vein, and also administered Sulphadimidine tablets, but to no avail and she passed away that morning. The Keepers were deeply saddened just as they were when Nchan and Olkeju suddenly passed away. Wasin, having been in the Nursery for the past 3 months, was a great favourite. Her passing was also mourned deeply by Naipoki and Mutara, who had been her constant companions, Mutara comforted Naipoki, staying very close to her and constantly touching her lovingly with her trunk. 


Naipoki wit the Keepers and Wasin


Ishanga, being a relative newcomer, is still pushy, enjoying pushing the smaller Nursery elephants around, targeting Sities, Shukuru and Tano, although not little Naipoki, who is protected and treasured by all the elephants, as well as the Keepers. Ishanga enjoys being with the bigger elephants. Olare, as the Nursery Matriarch, comes to greet Naipoki and little Wasin every morning as soon as she is let out of her Stockade, just to ensure that the babies are O.K. Chemi Chemi is also still a pushy boy, enjoying giving all the other orphans a shove, but sparing Kalama, who is his night neighbour since the departure of Suguta, Tumaren and Melia to Ithumba. 


Shukuru browsing


The orphans played around the compound before heading out to browse, Kalama, Mutara, Olare and Turkwel keeping close to little Wasin and Naipoki, rolling around in the red soil so that the babies could climb onto them. Naipoki climbed onto Olare while Wasin lay down beside Mutara. Meanwhile Kibo and Kandecha were focused on their strength testing game while Makireti did the rounds of all the stables to make sure no newcomer had come in without her knowledge. When the Keepers called the orphans, all headed out to browse. 

Naipoki lying down

Kalama on the left with Olare



On a lovely Christmas morning, the orphans met outside their stables. Having greeted Naipoki and Wasin, Mutara went to her friend Kalama to play a pushing game. Meanwhile Chemi Chemi had engaged Makireti, all the action overseen by Olare, who kept a close eye on Chemi Chemi. Kibo targeted Tano to try and mount, but she managed to escape, so his attention was diverted to Turkwel who was busy trying to grab Lucerne from Maxwell’s Stockade. However, the Keepers intercepted him after which he ran off complaining! 

Kalama with Peter

Chemi Chemi playing


After the 9 a.m. feed, Wasin and Naipoki joined the older elephants, greeted very warmly by Mutara and Olare, who rumbled a welcome and touched them with their trunks. The two babies let out a cry of sheer joy! Soon the rest of the herd came to greet them, crowding around them, pushing and shoving each other in order to get as close as possible. It all turned a bit chaotic, so the Keepers took the other elephants away, leaving only Mutara and Olare. Olare offered Naipoki her big ears to suckle while Wasin was comforted by Mutara. Olare lay down to soil dust, and Naipoki did the same. 


Naipoki in the bush




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