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Ziwa and his friends, Ngasha and Faraja can be quite naughty at times but as they grow older the keepers find that their characters sometimes change. Today Ziwa decided to try and mount Ngasha, which was unusual as it usually Faraja who mounts Ngasha while Ziwa watches. This was not the case today as Ziwa started the mounting game and Zongoloni stepped in and stopped him from doing so. He then turned his attention to Zongoloni and played mounting games with her, something that did not seem to bother Zongoloni in the slightest.
When the babies were making their way back home in the evening what started out smoothly soon became a little chaotic as some of the boys separated themselves from the group and began playing mounting games. Ziwa was not in the mood to be mounted and tried to keep up with the herd so that would not happen. Ngasha accidentally pushed Ziwa who fell into Jasiri. Jasiri retaliated at being pushed by Ziwa, even though it was not his fault, and pushed Ziwa quite hard. Ziwa however stood firm and was not moved even an inch by Jasiri. When the orphans got to the stockades they all enjoyed their milk bottles after which Mwashoti went to feed on some pods that were near his stockade.

Sonje plays in the mud

Jasiri plays in the mud after the rain stopped

Orphans feed on tubers


The orphans were in a happy and playful mood as they exited their stockades this morning with the older elephants engaging one another in pushing games to try and figure out how strong each orphan was. Due to their bad legs, Murera and Sonje avoided the games while Mwashoti found some dung from one of his older friends and picked some up to taste it as this is the way that elephants learn what vegetation is good to eat and as such can let the keepers also know which trees and bushes they prefer to feed on.
The orphans then made their way to the browsing fields passing by the water springs area as they went. While they passed the springs the crocodiles that were sunning themselves made it know that they were not interested in the orphans One of the crocodiles opened his mouth wide in an effort to scare Ziwa and Faraja away as they were getting quite close to them and were infringing on their territory. The two boys showed no interest in the crocodiles and continued on their way while the crocs entered the water, keeping and eye on the orphans to ensure that they did not come close to the water banks.

Murera charging in the bushes

Quanza browsing in the forest

Ngasha and Quanza rush for their bottles


It was quite a hectic morning today. Once the orphans had finished their milk bottle and supplement feeding they headed out to the forest under Murera’s leadership. While making their way out Murera found that some baboons were blocking the path that she wanted to take. She tried to chase them away but they just ran up into the trees, effectively evading her. Sonje came to see what the problem was and between the two of them they decided to try and pull down the branches that the baboons were on. This however had no effect as the baboons just kept jumping from one branch to another which ended up frustrating the two Matriarchs. Ziwa and Faraja decided to leave the older girls to their fight with the baboons and led those that would follow to the browsing fields. Lima Lima had her own ideas and walked deep into the bushes while Mwashoti and Alamaya waited for Murera and Sonje to finish their battle with the baboons before they continued on their way.
The orphans had a lovely day browsing in the forest and looked very relaxed as it approached the time that they would be returning to the stockades. As they waited it started to rain and some of the orphans sought refuge under the trees while the keepers opened their umbrellas. Lima Lima decided that she wanted to be with the keepers and tried to squeeze in among them so that she was standing under the umbrellas with them and share their cover something that ended up looking quite funny as she really did not fit.

Sonje in the forest

Murera in the mud

Zongoloni finds fresh vegetation


Murera was the first to exit her stockade this morning leaving Sonje behind who was waiting for Mwashoti to come and join her so that she could lead him to the supplement feeding area. While Sonje was looking out for Mwashoti, Ziwa and Ngasha ran to the fence line and started to eat the Lucerne that had been put out for the orphans before the rest of the group arrived. Lima Lima started to follow them but changed her mind half way there, returning to the stockades to see if she could find any pods to eat.
Jasiri and Ziwa started to fight over some pellets that were on the ground leaving the keepers perplexed as to why they were fighting when there was more than enough pellets for them to feed on. They soon realized that the two were engaged in some kind of play fight and did not have any ill feelings towards one another as they were just having some fun.
In the evening it rained quite heavily delaying the orphans return to the stockades for the night. Alamaya and Mwashoti were desperate to get home as it was a big storm with trees being blown over around them leaving the two youngsters feeling very vulnerable especially as the rest of the group had taken to charging around trumpeting loudly. In the chaos Lima Lima managed to run away from the keepers who soon realized that she had returned to the stockades where she was enjoying her milk. It continued to rain quite heavily for several hours and did not stop raining until midnight.

Orphans climb Umani Hills

Ziwa smelling Mwashoti's mouth

Faraja picking branches


As the orphans headed out to the browsing fields in the morning it was quite chaotic as they all seemed to have a mind of their own, especially the boys and did not want to listen to the matriarchs of the group. Lima Lima decided to follow the naughty boys and keep and eye on them leaving Alamaya and Mwashoti to follow Murera while Ziwa looked for Ngasha so that they could play some pushing games as they made their way to the Chyulu hills in search of some fresh vegetation to feed on .
Quanza, Faraja and Jasiri looked for Zongoloni and made their way towards her leaving Alamaya on his own. The keepers came and rounded up the orphan herd, who had scattered all over the place making hit hard to locate them all. They started with Alamaya and slowly managed to get the entire group together walking from one to another until all the orphans were present and accounted for.
When it was time to return to the stockades in the evening the orphans were in a hurry to get home as they were all feeling rather thirsty and could not wait to get their bottles and drink their milk. Lima Lima took the lead of the group and made sure that all the orphans were following her so that they would all be safely in their respective stockades by nightfall.

Orphans feed on lucerne in the morning

Playful Murera

Alamaya and Mwashoti




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