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In the forest along the Chyulu Hills some buffalos surprised everyone when both the keepers and elephant orphans found themselves right inside amongst their herd. The keepers wondered why the usually so vigilant Lima Lima had not warned them today. But the fact was Lima Lima did not know as she had not smelt them as the wind was going to wrong way. When Lima Lima did notice them she helped Murera guide everyone away from them.

Later, all the big boys began trumpeting and running away in different directions, some charging and bashing trees around them. Faraja caused trouble with Ngasha when he playfully held Ngasha’s tail. This annoyed Ngasha who turned and pushed Faraja in the belly. This in turn forced Jasiri, Ziwa and Sonje to step in between to put an end to the fight.

Lima Lima scratching her foot

Faraja enjoying the grass

Mwashoti coming out of the forest


The orphans made their way out to the forest early in the morning as usual, just after their bottle feeding. Ziwa and his friend Faraja did not stop to eat some lucerne pellet supplements like the others, and they just kept walking into the forest until they were out of side of Murera and Sonje. The two big girls ate the pellets and kept Alamaya and Mwashoti back to feed until they felt they were satisfied and ready to walk into the forest.

Jasiri and Zongoloni crossed the path to investigate a big tortoise they saw walking slowly along. Then Faraja walked too Quanza who was walking towards the hills where Lima Lima had shown them they could find some lovely fresh greens. Sonje pushed Mwashoti slowly up the hill but he did not want to. Instead in the end he, Murera and Sonje stopped and just browsed around the base of the hill where Mwashoti was happy until the midday bottle feeding beside the waterhole.

Orphans really enjoying the mud

Orphans all so muddy



Playful Lima Lima took off with young boy Alamaya and the big boys following her behind towards the rocky path leading to the hills. As the boys were crossing the rocks two klipspringers jumped further up the rocks which scared the orphans and Lima Lima trumpeted at them. She made as if to charge after them but she fell over onto her knees. The big boys Faraja and Ngasha just left Lima Lima and ran away! Zongoloni, who was further back, comforted Ziwa after all the commotion as Mwashoti and Murera caught up to everyone. They were further behind because they are slower to walk with their compromised legs.  

Lima Lima and Zongoloni both eating pellets

Ziwa playing on the grass after wallowing

Murera catching up


Ziwa and Ngasha proved to the keepers that they can walk very long distances today. They are growing to be very big walkers and give the rest of the herd a run for their money as they like to walk further and further during the day. They are growing to be big boys and love walking. All the orphans are very tired when they return back to the stockades in the evening after being led by Ngasha and Ziwa for the day.

The waterhole was full with plenty of fresh water but none of the babies decided to wallow in it today, they just drank some water and then left to go and dust themselves with soil. Alamaya lay down on the pile of soil and stretched his front legs out to fully enjoy the dusting session. Some of the naughty boys tried to climb on him while he was on the ground, but Quanza came to rescue him when she saw Ngasha about to climb on him again.

Sweet Quanza


Ngasha and Ziwa play fighting


Ziwa and Faraja moved out fast this morning heading to the forest. By the gate entrance a baby bushbuck was spotted by Lima Lima, and then the whole forest was full of elephants blowing loud trumpets and running around after the bush bucks and each other.

At the water springs some crocodiles were found enjoying the sunshine. As Ziwa and Ngasha approached, the crocodiles slid into the water to hide as they walked past on their way to browse on the hills. Lima Lima stopped to check behind her if her baby friend Alamaya was close by or with Zongoloni. When she saw that Alamaya was happy walking along with Zongoloni she continued to climb uphill searching for nice, fresh vegetation. Soon she came across some buffalos. She was not happy to be surrounded by so many, so she moves to another area to give way to them. She did not want to risk one of her beloved keepers getting hurt either.

Ziwa walking through the forest

Faraja and Zongoloni eating bark

Zongoloni removing mud from her trunk




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