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<<--  Entry for:  October   4, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  October   4, 2017 The morning started with the collapse of the orphan elephant that was rescued close to the Aruba air strip (Unnamed) on the 29th of October. This orphan was a drought victim and was again put on a drip. It was kept on a drip for more than two hours but sadly it did not survive, dying a couple of hours after its collapse.

Lempaute, Kivuko, Layoni and Dabassa came to the stockade a few minutes after the dependant orphans had left. They had a wonderful time eating the supplement food after which Layoni and Dabassa left and headed towards the Voi River, leaving Lempaute and Kivuko at the stockade.

A report of a collapsed elephant calf being watched over by its mother was reported to the Voi stockades. The calf was close to the Voi airstrip and was very thin and dehydrated. When the vet and the keepers arrived they found that the calf had already died and there was sadly nothing they could have done as the report came in too late for them to have been help.

The orphans browsed on the northern side of the Msinga Hill before coming down at noon and heading in groups of four for their afternoon milk bottle. Mashariki, Rorogoi, Bada and Pasaka who came with the first group returned with the second group composed of Mudanda, Nguvu, Lentili and Ishaq-B, in the hopes of getting a second bottle. The keepers were able to move them away thus allowing their friends to enjoy their share. The orphan group enjoyed feeding on Lucerne grass and range cubes after which they had a brief wallow before starting the afternoons browsing session.

Pasaka enjoys the lucerne

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