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<<--  Entry for:  February   16, 2014  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   16, 2014 As is usual the older orphans met the younger ones at the dairy cube feeding area and chased them away so that they could have everything for themselves. Mbirikani, Kihari, Naipoki and their age mates had no option but to pace up and down not daring to come close to the big girls who are usually so lovely but not at copra feeding time. The only young orphans they tolerate are Mudanda and Panda. With light showers in the morning Rombo, Tassia, Taveta, Kivuko, Kenya, Ndii and some of the older girls had a great time playing rolling and mud sliding games around the compound. Sinya and Lesanju led the group away when they were through with the games. Due to the weather conditions the orphans avoided the hill and instead went deep into the park and spent most of the morning hours looking for wild elephants. They were a bit jumpy, scaring each other and breaking into wild runs. Eventually Tassia got fed up of running aimlessly and began to browse alone in some bushes. He was unaware of Mbirikani who had given up running early on and was browsing silently behind another bush near his. All hell broke loose when Mbirikani was scratching and dislodged a dead branch which crashed down missing her by a whisker. She tore screaming through the bushes towards Tassia who took fright and also ran off towards the rest of herd. When the others saw Tassia and Mbirikani screaming and running towards them they did not hesitate but also started screaming and running away. The keepers eventually caught up after more than forty minutes and calmed them down with difficulty. The orphans then stuck close to the keepers for security and they only just managed to avert another crisis when a male Impala almost started another stampede.

Ndii marchs away

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