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<<--  Entry for:  February   23, 2014  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   23, 2014 The orphans were once again were visited by the ex orphans at the stockade in the morning. In contrast to other days the orphans and ex-orphans all had a wonderful time interacting and some of the young family members started play together. First Ishaq B, Naipoki, Tassia, Panda, Sinya and Wasessa caught up with Emily’s calf, Eve, and started teasing her. Eve tried to run away but Wasessa and Sinya caught her by the legs and stopped her from going anywhere. Eve struggled hard, managed to free herself and run towards her mother but she was soon back for more! After a minute or two she started playing a ‘catch me’ game with Taveta. Taveta took the advantage of her being in front and tried to mimic mount, which Eve did not like at all and she ran away once again to her mother. As the young family members continued having fun Kihari stayed close to Edie, who was busy foraging for copra cake crumbs near the fence. Irima joined Naipoki and her friends at the water hole where they downed several gulps of water. The whole group was then led by Emily to the lucene feeding area where they munched away until the keepers called the orphans to go out to browse.

Wasessa plays with Emily's calf Eve

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