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<<--  Entry for:  February   26, 2014  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   26, 2014 Lesanju led the other orphans to the water hole just before 2pm when the day became very hot. She and Lempaute were the first to go in and start splashing and spraying themselves with cool mud. Kenia entertained the group stealing the show with her wonderful bathing techniques, particularly as Naipoki, Mzima, Layoni and Tassia, the best wallowers, had been left behind out in the bush. Kihari had a quick bath and then went to dry his body with soil. Those in the pool continued to enjoy bathing until they heard Tassia rumbling from the nearby bushes. They all jumped out of the pool and ran to meet their friends who were running in. After brief greetings, Naipoki, Rombo, Mzima, Layoni and Tassia all jumped in to cool off. Mzima walked around the edge of the pool, sliding in stylishly. The rest of the group also returned to the pool and together the orphans had a beautiful mud bathing session. Kivuko and Lempaute left first followed by most of the others except the late comers, Rombo, Mzima, Tassia and Layoni who were left behind to continue having fun.

Kenia with her friends

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