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<<--  Entry for:  February   28, 2014  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   28, 2014 Naipoki and her friends rushed out of their stable as soon as the gates were flung open. They raced towards the milk mixing area where they found their keepers ready and waiting for them with warm bottles of milk. They split into two groups. Naipoki, Kihari and Ishaq B fed at one corner and Panda, Mbirikani and Mudanda fed at the other corner. Downing two 6-pint bottles took them less than a minute! They rushed forward again to grab some dairy cubes before Kenia and her group arrived. In Kenia’s stockade there was a fight between Kivuko and Rombo over who would be the first to step out. The keeper who was going to open the gate was forced to shout to them to stop fighting and Kenia also helped by forcing the two to move aside and allow Dabassa to be first out. Ndii, Kenia and Layoni followed Dabassa whilst the two fighters had to follow last. The older orphans also downed their bottles in less than a minute and joined the young group to eat the copra.
Lesanju’s group came in later and the young ones went off to play different types of games. Rombo and Panda engaged in a strength testing game which they really enjoyed. Panda pushed hard to keep Rombo at bay but the two were rudely interrupted by Dabassa who came from nowhere and jumped on Panda in a mimic mount. Panda was not happy and struggled hard to free herself and run off to where Wasessa and Mudanda were eating copra. Dabassa did not dare to follow her fearing Wasessa’s disapproval.
Emily and her group arrived at the stockade an hour after the orphans left. They had a brief stop at the water trough and then proceeded eat nutritious lucene grass. After eating as much as they could all the ex orphans left except Emily, Ndara, Icholta and Lolokwe. Icholta and Lolokwe decided to go back to the water trough to wash down the lucene with some water while Emily and Ndara continued eating. Afterwards they walked quietly away to join their friends waiting at the other side of Msinga hill.

Naipoki at the Stockade

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