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<<--  Entry for:  February   3, 2014  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   3, 2014 Mbirikani is happy when she can share the copra cake with her room mates in the morning. She always runs away and even sometimes heads out alone when the big group, led by Lesanju, comes in for copra. The big ones, Wasessa being the naughtiest, donít give Mbirikani much chance to share with them. They always push and shove so Mbirikani keeps clear because of the condition of her bad ankle. Naipoki, Ishaq-B and Kihari enjoy every moment, as they are the older orphans favourites along with little Mudanda, who is the darling of all.
The baboons, who overnight on Msinga Hill, visit the stockade every morning to steal the orphans copra and dairy cubes. Today Dabassa, Layoni, and Rombo had a very difficult time chasing them away. Layoni was given a break by Kenia, as he spent so much time chasing the baboons away while the others had their breakfast. Kenia stood guard watching a big male baboon who sat on a rock in the middle of the stockade. He was pretending that he was not interested in the coconut cake and the dairy cubes but just busy picking the ticks that were bothering him. Kenia walked up and down waiting for him to make a move so that she could plant some sense in his small head. The rest of the herd continued with their breakfast and then visited the water trough wash it down.
In the bush the orphans were visited by three wild bulls that were very friendly. They showed Mzima, Taveta, Tassia, Rombo and Layoni some pushing and wrestling techniques. Layoni, Rombo and Dabassa were like toys compared to the enormous size of the giants. The older girls kept away from the bulls, not being interested in having boyfriends just yet.

Mbirikani watchs the older orphans eating Copra

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