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<<--  Entry for:  February   22, 2016  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   22, 2016 It was a nice morning with Kenia, Ndii and Panda giving up their usual stockade games to consolidate their herd and walk to the browsing ground, when they saw Emily’s herd approaching the stockade. Lesanju’s herd was not among them today. There was a nice moment as the ex-orphans enjoyed drinking clean water with Safi, Emma and Eden playing on the walls of the stockade water trough. Inca was enjoying his own scratching game on a rock close to them, and after they had finished their own game Eden and Emma joined him too.

Siria was here with the ex-orphans today, and he went to play a wrestling match with Eve, before Emma became jealous and went over to Siria to make him play with her as well, relieving her sister Eve. Laikipia jumped into the water trough with his two front feet in water and enjoyed this cooling feeling.

The ex-orphans then left the stockade in the direction the juniors had left, arriving at the middle water hole for a bath half an hour before the arrival of Kenia’s herd. When Emily’s herd then left towards the Voi River, Elkerama, who has becoming very outgoing, saw them and tried to follow them. The keepers had to call him back to join the other milk dependant orphans. The orphans had a lot of fun in their mud bathing games with Bada, Panda, Ndii and Lentili shining in their own unique bathing style, all focused on impressing the other orphan spectators who stood to cheer them on.

The rest of the browsing day went on close to that water hole with all the keepers kept a keen eye on Elkerama’s movement, so he could not sneak away. It is certain that it will not take long for Elkerama to be an independent orphan, but it is not ideal as he is still on milk. While he is old enough to survive without, in a wild situation he would be on milk for four years.

Bada shining in mud bath games

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