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<<--  Entry for:  April   7, 2013  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  April   7, 2013 It was a rude shock for the Keepers after a long and sleepless night to find that no Orphans had returned so at first light they set out on foot to search for the Elephants. Meanwhile news was received than an orphaned baby gerenuk was amongst some goats at the Manyani Prison Camp so a vehicle headed off to collect that orphan. Soon the Keepers on foot happened upon Shimba who was in a terrible state having been mauled by a lion, which alarmed the Keepers who separated into three groups. Two escorted Shimba back to the Stockades, the second group used the Vet’s vehicle to drive deep into the Park southwards while the third team went eastwards on foot. Three hours later the foot patrol came across 9 of the older elephants – namely Lesanju, Wasessa, Sinya, Mzima, Lempaute, Tassia, Taveta, Layoni, Kivuko and Rombo, but still 4 babies were missing, Kenia, Ndii, Dabassa and Emsaya. The search was boosted by the Trust Supercub with one Keeper aboard, which had come from the Kuluku H.Q. to assist in the search as well as collect the baby gerenuk. After some time the air team spotted 3 more orphans and radioed their location to the ground team, who eventually caught up with Kenia, Ndii and Dabassa, but Emsaya was not in the group. She was later spotted in a small herd that had 2 calves of her age. She seemed happy to be with this family and even having been called by the Keepers, refused to come, but kept on following the herd. The wild Matriarch was very aggressive, charging the vehicle every time it came close to try and isolate Emsaya. Buzzing the herd from the air also failed, so in the end the Keepers had to give up and return with the other elephants back to the Stockades. There Shimba’s wounds were cleaned and green clay applied after which he was left to rest in the large Invalid Enclosure where other injured Elephants such as Solango and Ndara have remained to recuperate. It had been a very dramatic day!

Shimba after the lion attack

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