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<<--  Entry for:  May   15, 2013  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  May   15, 2013 The Ex Orphans arrived to finish what was left of the Copra Cake supplement after the Juniors had already left, Icholta come ahead of the others soon joined by Emily and her calf, Ndara and Morani and later Big Boy Lolokwe. The rest of the herd came later only for water. Meanwhile, at the browsing area Rombo and Dabassa split from the others to embark on a Pushing Match behind a large boulder but their competition was interrupted by an elephant bellow from the other side of the rock, which sent the two scampering off. When they turned to investigate the cause of the elephant scream, they spotted Wasessa chasing after Taveta and understood that he had obviously pushed her favourite, Tassia. Lesanju also turned up to investigate the cause of the commotion. 20 minutes later Ex Orphan bull Irima accompanied by a wild male friend briefly joined the Juniors who began trailing the two boys, but Wasessa rushed forward to prevent that happening.

Emily, her calf and Lakipia

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