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<<--  Entry for:  May   26, 2013  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  May   26, 2013 Taveta and Rombo enjoyed chasing baboons this morning, after which Kenia and Ndii led he Juniors towards the Eastern side of Mazinga Hill to browse. Before the mudbath Tassia tried to mount onto Taveta who then engaged him in a wrestling match that lasted about 5 minutes. At the waterhole Kenia, Lesanju, Wasessa and Ndii joined Dabassa and Rombo in the pool while Mzima and Sinya watched from sidelines and Sinya and Mzima opted for a dustbath instead. On the way back in the evening the orphans were joined by a friendly wild herd of elephants with whom they browsed happily until Wasessa thought it was time to return, and attempted to lead the Juniors back. However, they were having none of it, and only returned after dark.

Taveta and Rombo chasing baboons

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