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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 6  /  2017

This month we have seen 10 year old Kenia and 8 year old Ndii really step up their attempts to vie for the young Araba’s attention and be the sole ‘mother’ for her whilst out in the bush during the day. It seems a constant tussle between these two for these matriarchal duties. They don’t like any of the other females spending time with little Araba either and come charging over if they see her wandering off with any of the others to browse. In this respect they continue to dislike the arrival of female Ex Orphans Lempaute, Kivuko, along with bulls Dabassa and Layoni. They are not always successful of moving their orphan herd away before they come however, and some of the orphans like Panda like to greet their older friends like Dabassa. Lempaute, Kivuko, Dabassa and Layoni have frequently showed up at the stockades throughout the month, almost every day, in order to greet the young dependent orphans, drink some water and eat some of the lucerne and grewia branches placed for them. Voi went without good rain and this will be a harsh drought year.

Ndoria still has her jealous tendencies and was not very nice to new arrival Pasaka this month. Pasaka was given the opportunity to lead one day which made Ndoria very jealous and she ran past Ndii and Kenia to grab Pasaka’s tail to bite it. This scared Pasaka who ran up Msinga Hill to seek refuge in thick bush at the top of the hill and it took three keepers, some milk bottles and some help from Mashariki, Kihari and Naipoki to convince him to come down. Despite that experience we often saw him trying to lead, albeit far ahead so as to avoid the tail-biting Ndoria! Ajali also seems to have a soft spot for him and they like to browse together; Panda and Embu are also nurturing elephants who stayed close to Pasaka to give him the care and attention he needed to feel a sense of belonging. With all the attention Ajali was giving Pasaka. Ndii began to develop a bit of dislike for him, as she considers herself the mother for all the young and new ones in the nursery, and did not appreciate Ajali’s involvement. One day when she saw him leading she ran to the front to bring a halt to the entire herd so as to mix up the leadership roles.

A few splashes of rain fell this month after which the orphans always enjoy playing in the wet soil. One day Ndii and Rorogoi were having enormous fun rolling around in the wet and cool earth that Ndii almost fell into an erosion gulley! On hot days the mud bath was a huge source of entertainment for the orphans especially for those like Mbirikani who enjoy sliding down the wet sides into the water below and encouraging others to follow suit. Tundani stayed to watch Ex Orphan Layoni’s bathing tactics once after the others has already left in order to gain some valuable experience as to how a big bull should bathe. Since the arrival of new and older bulls Nguvu and Ajali, little Bada has become quite mellow and quiet, unsure of his rank in the herd now since their arrival and having been one of only three bulls in the herd with Tundani and Nelion prior to that. Sometimes he engages Tundani in short play fights in order to keep his spirits up however. Nelion and Tundani have more serious jousting sessions and sometimes they turn into real fights and the Keepers intervene to restore the peace.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Kihari browsing on Msinga hill  6/1/2017

Nguvu enjoy browsing onto the Msinga hill  6/1/2017

Ajali  6/1/2017

Ndii leaving the water 6/2/2017

Lentili sitting scratching on a rock  6/2/2017

Mashariki browsing 6/2/2017

Tundani 6/3/2017

Mbirikani enjoying games  6/3/2017

Rorogoi playing 6/3/2017

Ishaq b charging in water  6/4/2017

Kivuko eyeing the stockade orphans greens 6/4/2017

Araba enjoying dusting games  6/4/2017

Lempaute 6/5/2017

Layoni in the stkd  6/5/2017

Ndoria bathing 6/5/2017

Naipoki 6/6/2017

Nelion frnt & Mudanda bck 6/6/2017

Araba & Kenia sneaking away 6/6/2017

Kivuko in the stkd  6/7/2017

Lempaute & Kivuko in the stkd  6/7/2017

Mudanda 6/7/2017

Kore lft engaging Tawi  6/8/2017

Lentili browsing  6/8/2017

Orphans enjoying in a bath  6/8/2017

Pasaka  6/9/2017

Suswa bathing  6/9/2017

Dabasa coming alone & playing  6/9/2017

Layoni lft & Dabasa arriving into the stockade  6/10/2017

Ishaq b and Bada 6/10/2017

Lempaute  6/10/2017

Tundani playing 6/11/2017

Orphans on their browsing journey  6/11/2017

Ishaq b charging in water  6/11/2017

Araba playing dusting games  6/12/2017

Suswa lft & Ndoria  6/12/2017

Mudanda scratching  6/12/2017

Rorogoi lft & Ajali  6/13/2017

Mbirikani playing on the stockade terrace  6/13/2017

Nguvu getting left behind & following the others  6/13/2017

Arruba rubbing onto a tree  6/14/2017

Nelion lft & Ndoria browsing  6/14/2017

Layoni lft & Dabassa 6/14/2017

Lempaute joining juniors  6/15/2017

Dabassa arriving 6/15/2017

Ndii playing in the trench  6/15/2017

Ajali having a scratch  6/16/2017

Lentili lft & Bada  6/16/2017

Ishaq b lft welcoming Naipoki 6/16/2017

Ndoria playing on the wall 6/17/2017

Mashariki lft & Rorogoi 6/17/2017

Suswa coming down hill 6/17/2017

Mudanda frnt & others 6/18/2017

Kenia busy bathing  6/18/2017

Araba lft & Kenia 6/18/2017

Orphans diving & swimming  6/19/2017

Tawi lft & Kore  6/19/2017

Orphans on their browsing journeys  6/19/2017

Pasaka browsing  6/20/2017

Bada lft & Panda in a bathing competition  6/20/2017

Ndoria 6/20/2017

Layoni rgt meets Dabassa 6/21/2017

Ajali 6/21/2017

Orphans go for a drink 6/21/2017

Rorogoi rgt & Ndii going for scratching & rubbing 6/22/2017

Kivuko lft, Dabasa, Layoni & Lempaute feeding 6/22/2017

Panda after bathing 6/22/2017

Embu lft embracing Pasaka  6/23/2017

Embu lft, Bada & Nguvu 6/23/2017

Mashariki leading  6/23/2017

Lentili down in water 6/24/2017

Ajali & Nguvu taking refuge in browsing 6/24/2017

Dabassa playing with a rock  6/24/2017

Aruba down in games as Ndoria rgt is watching  6/25/2017

Pasaka lft frnt 6/25/2017

Visiting school children ( 6/25/2017

Kenia in the water 6/26/2017

Embu  6/26/2017

Ndii onto the charging mood  6/26/2017

Ishaq b scratching her knee 6/27/2017

Tundani testing Pasaka's strength  6/27/2017

Nelion rgt playing with Ishaq b 6/27/2017

Ajali 6/28/2017

Visiting school children  6/28/2017

Panda scratching  6/28/2017

Lempaute joining the stockade dependant orphan  6/29/2017

Mbirikani on a mission following the others  6/29/2017

Rorogoi rubbing herself  6/29/2017

Layoni bathing  6/30/2017

Kihari scratching both sides onto a v-shapped  6/30/2017

Orphans enjoying in a bath  6/30/2017
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