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<<--  Entry for:  June   20, 2018  -->>

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Voi Unit  June   20, 2018 The morning was good with the orphan elephants downing their milk bottle after which they settled to feed on Lucerne grass pellets and copra cake. Ndoria was a little bully today and kept preventing Nguvu from getting to the feeding trough. Nelion was quick to come to Nguvuís aid allowing each orphan to get their share of supplements and making sure that no other fights broke out.

The orphans headed to the eastern side of Msinga Hill, moving uphill to browse with Tundani and Suswa remaining at the bottom of the Hill. The orphans came down at noon for their milk bottle which they took under a tree close to the baobab water hole. There were more than four wild elephant families that had come to the baobab water hole for a drink of water and the trough had to be replenished before the orphanís arrival. Mbeguís herd came first for the afternoon milk feeding with Ndotto coming in and demanding to be given Mudandaís share. Mudanda was not happy about this and pushed Ndotto onto Ngilai. The keepers had to intervene to prevent a fight breaking out.

Nelion was among the first to arrive at the water hole and came running out of the water to welcome an approaching wild herd, who were quite taken aback by Nelionís enthusiasm and nearly ran away. There was a big wild bull in the wild herd that was bent on preventing a second wild herd and their two calves from coming for a drink. Ndotto went up to the bull and somehow managed to get him to allow the second group to join the first for a drink. Ishaq-B and Tahri tried to get close to the wild calves but were prevented from doing so by their elder sisters. The wild herds enjoyed drinking the clean water from the trough, with one calf attempting to jump into the trough to take a bath. Panda enjoyed spending some time all the wild herds that visited today.

Kihari at the mud-bath

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