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<<--  Entry for:  June   30, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  June   30, 2018 The orphans rushed out of their respective stockades placing themselves in the right positions for their milk and supplement feeding. Bada grabbed two trunks full of copra cake stuffing it into his mouth before moving on to play games at the stockade terrace. Lentili was thrilled to play pushing games with Tahri while Ndii was busy feeding on copra cake.

Kenia, Ndii and Araba, did not seem to be at all bothered by the baboons that were around them this morning while Ngilai, Lasayen and Ndotto were not happy at all to have them around and called to Tundani to help them chase them away. The keepers also came in to help the orphans keep the baboons at bay and keep them from stealing the orphans’ food.

Kihari and Mbegu enjoyed greeting one another as they played friendly games. Kenia came in and broke the two apart by standing between them. While out in the field Ndotto and Lasayen lay on the ground for about five minutes and continuously gave one another trunk hugs.

The afternoon milk bottle was brought to the orphans on the eastern side of Msinga Hill. They did not visit the waterhole today as it was a fairly cold day.

Kihari and Mbegu exchange morning greetings

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