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<<--  Entry for:  July   8, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  July   8, 2017 The elephants hurried with their morning stockade activities before heading to the browsing grounds under the leadership of Lentili and Suswa. Despite it being rather dry there is still some good vegetation left for the orphans to browse on. Bada and Mbirikani led the group to Msinga Hill where they could enjoy some greens.

At midday the orphans made their way to the middle waterhole where they all enjoyed mudbathing games; Arruba climbed on Naipokiís back as she slid down the mudbath walls into the water. Naipoki wiggled around in an effort to get Arruba off her back so that she could get back to her feet and enjoy a wallow without the weight of another elephant on her. The commotion the two made brought some discomfort to the other orphan elephants and a premature end to the days bathing activities.

Embu admiring Ajali's bathing games

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