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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 7  /  2017

The orphans’ activities were dictated by the weather this month as the colder climate, typical of this time of year, drew in and impacted the elephants’ decision to mud bath, play and when to browse as well. When the Keepers spotted Ex Orphans Lempaute and Kivuko looking very grey, it was indicative they too had not mud bathed for some days due to the cooler weather. On warmer days, however, the orphans resumed their fun in the mud bath and the Keepers enjoyed watching their antics, like when Tundani became jealous of Ndii’s games in the water and sat on her stomach to bring an end to her fun. Another day, a wild cow and her calf joined the orphans at the mud bath and they greeted them warmly, extending their trunks and welcoming the two into the water where the orphans watched the cow in amazement, picking up new tricks and games to play in the mud.

This month, Matriarchs Kenia and Kihari remained predominately occupied with pouring affection over their adopted baby Araba. One day he was almost lured away by a wild cow and her tiny calf but the Keepers called him back as he is still milk dependent and needs the extra nutrients, especially in the ongoing dry season.
Ex Orphans Layoni, Lempaute, Dabassa and Kivuko remained close to the stockade area, joining the dependent orphans in the morning for Lucerne grass or meeting up with them at the mud bath and sometimes even rushing to join them to browse. As usual Kenia, Kihari and sometimes even Ndii never seem happy to see them and try to gather their herd to walk away or quicken their pace to leave their Ex Orphan friends behind, afraid that they might distract or lead ‘their’ babies away. Panda is loving to all elephant friends though and always tries to browse with the Ex Orphans when she can get away with it, or enjoy a wrestling game. Dabassa decided to test his strength with her one day when he thought her tusks might have grown longer than his and he wanted to ascertain who was where in the social hierarchy. Their game prompted others to do the same and soon Nelion was tackling Ishaq-B and Bada played with Tundani. Ndoria remains a high-spirited member of the group and although she refrained from biting any of her compatriots’ tails this month, she seemed to be in an especially greedy mood and would often surge ahead of the group to receive her bottle first. One day she heard the truck carrying their noon milk approaching in the distance and sneaked away from the rest of the group to get her milk bottle ahead of everyone else. The Keepers just have to laugh at her funny ways!

We were delighted when, on the 29th, the Taita Hills management team reported a possible sighting of some Ex Orphans who had been seen drinking from the sanctuary water hole. Once the dependent orphans had finished their noon milk bottles the Keepers went to see the herd and were able to identify some Ex Orphans in the group; Ndara, with her calf Neptune, Lesanju, Sinya and Tassia were among them. When the Keepers approached Lesanju, who is Neptune’s nanny, she charged wanting to protect her precious charge, but when she caught the scent of the Keepers, so familiar to her,she rumbled in greeting and approached her human family for some attention. They were all looking healthy and in good condition which obviously the Keepers were delighted to see. 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Ajali and Pasaka at mudbath 7/1/2017

Ndoria dusting 7/1/2017

Suswa scratching up against a tree 7/1/2017

Kenia and Araba 7/2/2017

Pasaka takes refuge close to Panda 7/2/2017

Mbirikani chasing Aruba from the water trough 7/3/2017

Panda and Suswa rubbing against the same rock 7/3/2017

Nelion and Ishaq-B pushing games 7/3/2017

Aruba trying to take the lead from Kihari 7/4/2017

Mbirikani following the others 7/4/2017

Naipoki 7/4/2017

Tundani with the others 7/5/2017

Arruba wall games 7/5/2017

Bada at mudbath 7/5/2017

Mbirikani Rorogoi & Nguvu at mud-bath 7/6/2017

Ishaq-B scratching after mudbath 7/6/2017

Ndii & Kenia pleadign with Lempuate to leave  7/6/2017

Kihari ready for morning activities 7/7/2017

Nguvu scratching 7/7/2017

Naipoki pushing Panda to flat groud 7/7/2017

Embu admiring Ajali's bathing games 7/8/2017

Orphans enjoying bath time 7/8/2017

Lentili scratching against fallen tree 7/8/2017

Orphans moving to browsing grounds 7/9/2017

Ajali's scratches whilst Nguvu watches on 7/9/2017

Panda takes lead during browsing 7/9/2017

Panda enjoys bathtime 7/10/2017

Mbirikani rests in the water 7/10/2017

Ndii browsing 7/10/2017

Mudanda looking for a browsing spot 7/11/2017

Pasaka drinking water with the others 7/11/2017

Ndoria walking to the water hole 7/11/2017

Panda Arruba and Lentili 7/12/2017

Mashariki and Pasaka 7/12/2017

Lentili scratching whilst Mashariki looks on 7/12/2017

Ndoria 7/13/2017

Embu browsing 7/13/2017

Ishaq-B enjoying browsing 7/13/2017

Tundani early morning scratching games 7/14/2017

Ndii sitting on the ground like a village elder 7/14/2017

Kivuko heading to the stockades 7/14/2017

Kenia steps on water trough to reach branches 7/15/2017

Mudanda sniffing milk 7/15/2017

Suswa scratching up  7/15/2017

Ndii imitating Kenia's moves from yesterday 7/16/2017

Lempuate browsing 7/16/2017

Layoni browsing 7/16/2017

Panda heading to the water trough 7/17/2017

Ajali sharing lucerne with the Impala 7/17/2017

Arruba leans against a rock, after feeding 7/17/2017

Ndii requesting Kenia to keep Araba in the centre 7/18/2017

Nelion sniffing the air 7/18/2017

Orphans at the water hole 7/18/2017

Kenia climbs a rock and watches the others drink 7/19/2017

Ndii steasl Arraba whilst Kenia is on the rock 7/19/2017

Pasaka follows the others 7/19/2017

Nelion and Arruba engaging 7/20/2017

Arruba trying to suck on Suswa's ear 7/20/2017

Ndii blocking her friend's path 7/20/2017

Tundani and Bada 7/21/2017

Ndii biting her trunk in anger at Kivukos arrival 7/21/2017

Ndoria picking up a stick to scratch up 7/21/2017

Tundani drinking water 7/22/2017

Panda and Kihari early morning games 7/22/2017

Wild elephant cow with calf at the watering hole 7/22/2017

Orphans drinking water 7/23/2017

Bada down in the mud bath 7/23/2017

Wild elephants are the watering hole 7/23/2017

Pasaka leaves lucerne feeding for a scratch 7/24/2017

Layoni enjoys early morning scratch 7/24/2017

Pasaka following wild elephant and her calf 7/24/2017

Mashariki wall games 7/25/2017

Arruba at the mud bath 7/25/2017

Wild elephants at the water burrels 7/25/2017

Ishaq-B, Tundani and Layoni 7/26/2017

Bada engaging Tundani 7/26/2017

Pasaka dusting games 7/26/2017

Kihari splashing water 7/27/2017

Bada greeting a wild elephant 7/27/2017

Embu stretching her trunk to greet a wild elephan 7/27/2017

Lentili and Rorogoi waiting for the rest  7/28/2017

Orphans heading to the water hole 7/28/2017

Kenia testing her leadership skills 7/28/2017

Kivuko in the centre 7/30/2017

Naipoki browsing 7/30/2017

Embu browsing 7/30/2017

Ishaq-B engaging Tundani 7/31/2017

Mbirikani scratching her chest with a stick 7/31/2017

Suswa biting her trunk 7/31/2017

Lesanju greeting the Taita keepers 7/29/2017

Tassia browsing in the Taita sanctuary 7/29/2017

Tassia guarding Ndara and Neptune 7/29/2017
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