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<<--  Entry for:  August   31, 2010  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  August   31, 2010 Lesanju led the group out to browse, the memory of the lion encounter still fresh in all minds, which made her stop nervously now and then. The Keepers then decided to take the lead. The orphans fed calmly for the first half of the day split into two groups as usual, before the younger set moved to the milk venue, Lesanju having sneaked her way into their group. After all had taken their milk and a mudbath Siria tried to mount Lempaute while Mzima tried the same on Kenia. They browsed higher up Mazinga Hill in the afternoon before returning to the mudbath.
Others:- The month has been very dry, so the orphans have had to concentrate on getting sufficient to fill their bellies rather than in play. Heartbreak stalked the month with the illness of Kimana. For several days we feared for his life, but he seems to be getting better now, although he has lost a lot of weight. Emily’s Ex Orphans are all on Sagalla Ranch along with a lot of wild elephant herds. This Ranch borders Ngutuni on the Southern side, and has nutritious browse in the form of Grewia and Acacias. Efforts to drive them back into the Park proved fruitless, because the bulls are very aggressive, and also there are a lot of buffalo in the thick bush. The Elephant Grid on the main approach road to Park HQ has been repaired with metal pipes put in place, and massive renovation of the Voi Stockades is now proceeding to give the Stockades a face-lift.

Lempaute entering the water

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