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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 8  /  2017

There have been ongoing renovations to the Voi stockades and surrounding area which are coming to completion. The orphans visited their newly constructed water hole and trough near a large baobab for the first time this month and they were obviously delighted with their new play area as they splashed and frolicked around in the water and scratched themselves on the trees. Even Ajali, who doesnít like bathing very much, plunged into this new water hole one day and Kihari completely submerged her whole body in delight. The orphans have also enjoyed eating their morning supplement food from newly built troughs in the stockade compound as well. These supplements have been very important for the dependent orphans and the five Ex Orphans Lempaute, Dabassa, Lesanju, Layoni and Kivuko who stay in the area as well, as this part of Tsavo has not received nearly as much rainfall as others and is drying out at a much faster rate. The orphans have to walk further and try harder to forage for food so these morning supplements of lucerne grass, high in protein, and copra cake which is fatty, are very beneficial. On very hot days they have enjoyed their midday mud bath very much, especially Ndii, Naipoki, Mashariki, Ishaq-B and often Embu is the last to leave the water. One day Araba was so hot he sought shelter behind Keniaís ear!

The Ex Orphans evidently feel very safe in this environment and each otherís company, as the keepers and orphans came across Dabassa sleeping deeply, diligently watched over by his friend Lempaute. Later on in the month however, it seemed that Lempaute and Kivuko separated themselves from the two boys Dabassa and Layoni, and they visited the orphans and the stockades separately; only time will tell if this is a permanent break or just a temporary arrangement. Nevertheless, the older Ex Orphans enjoy interacting with the dependent orphans and they will always come and greet them, and even play for awhile, if passing by. One day Ex Orphan Dabassa saw that Nelionís tusks were growing quite large and decided to engage him in a strength testing game to see how big he was really becoming!

Matriarch of the dependent herd Kenia, was not so strict with moving her herd away whenever the Ex Orphans came by this month. Usually she is very worried that they might steal her babies away, but this month she even allowed baby Araba to browse in other company like with Ndii, although she and Araba still remain very much devoted to each other. The orphans still remain wary of Ndoria and do not like it when she follows them closely from behind, worried that she might take up her tail biting antics!

When so many orphans come to us with such dire and traumatic backgrounds having lost their mothers and families, the rescues with a happy ending are always uplifting. We received a report on the 8th of a baby elephant was reported to be stuck in a drying water hole with its desperate family unable to free it from the thick, cakey mud. Our keepers responded immediately and we were able to extract the calf and reunite it with its mother and family.

A baby kudu was also found and brought to the Voi stockades by the Kenya Wildlife Service rangers which was moved to our Tsavo HQ where it can be raised with the other orphan kudus there.  

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Layoni and Lempuate join the ex-orphans 8/1/2017

Dabassa with Layoni and Lempuate 8/1/2017

Mbirikani wanting to join the ex-orphans 8/1/2017

Lempaute at the stockades 8/2/2017

Layoni and Arruba dusting games 8/2/2017

Dabassa testing Nelion 8/2/2017

Ajali browsing 8/3/2017

Panda attempts to lead the orphans 8/3/2017

Pasaka and Nguvu browsing 8/3/2017

Lentili left behind 8/4/2017

Naipoki enjoys browsing 8/4/2017

Ishaq-B sniffing the air 8/4/2017

Wild elephants drinking from a broken water pipe 8/5/2017

Wild eles join the orphans at the watering hole 8/5/2017

Ajali eyeing the wild calf 8/5/2017

Ishaq-B down in the water 8/6/2017

Mbirikani sliding mud games 8/6/2017

Ishaq-B, Mashariki and Mbirikani dusting games 8/6/2017

Kenia being escorted by Panda 8/7/2017

Naipoki leading the browsing 8/7/2017

Dabassa engaging Panda 8/7/2017

Ajali maneuvering himself on the slippery rocks 8/8/2017

Ndoria browsing 8/8/2017

Mbirikani scratching up 8/8/2017

Bada gets left behind 8/9/2017

Nelion and Tundani engaging 8/9/2017

Dabassa resting 8/9/2017

Lempaute browsing 8/10/2017

Kivuko browses alone 8/10/2017

Pasaka followed by Nguvu 8/10/2017

Bada and Tundani 8/11/2017

Nguvu and Ishaq-B interacting 8/11/2017

Embu scratching up 8/11/2017

Mudanda sitting on the terrace 8/12/2017

Panda attempring to climb the terrace 8/12/2017

Dabassa scratching his neck on the rock 8/12/2017

Pasaka moves up hill to browse 8/13/2017

Bada in the centre of all the orphans 8/13/2017

Mashariki, Arraba and Kihari dusting games 8/13/2017

Layoni arrives at stockades after orphans left 8/14/2017

Kihari and Lentili scratching on rockcs 8/14/2017

Mudanda sniffing the air 8/14/2017

Ajali and Aruba wall games 8/15/2017

Nelion riding Mudanda's back 8/15/2017

Ishaq-B drawing moisture from the walls 8/15/2017

Bada solo browsing 8/16/2017

Nelion browsing 8/16/2017

Mudanda watching the orphans 8/16/2017

Ajali hoping to join Lempaute in browsing 8/17/2017

Kenia scratching 8/17/2017

Orphans drinks from the new water trough 8/17/2017

Lempaute and Layoni join the orphans 8/18/2017

Layoni catching up with the orphans 8/18/2017

Mbirikani at the new water trough 8/18/2017

Nelion and Rorogoi feed on range cubes 8/19/2017

Suswa at mud-bath 8/19/2017

Dabassa and Panda wrestling  8/19/2017

Small wild herd at watering hole 8/20/2017

Ajali welcomes Pasaka to feed on the cubes 8/20/2017

Rorogoi plunges into the water 8/21/2017

Wild elephant herd at the water hole 8/21/2017

Nelion with the wild ele herd 8/21/2017

Ajali close to Mashariki 8/22/2017

Arruba sucking on Suswa's ears 8/22/2017

Kivuko visits the stockade 8/22/2017

Mashariki chasing Ndoria 8/23/2017

Wild bull in the background 8/23/2017

Panda sliding in the water 8/23/2017

Ndii and Mudanda browsing 8/24/2017

Araba takes refuge from sun behind Kenia's ear 8/24/2017

Tundani browsing 8/24/2017

Kenia scratches her itchy neck 8/25/2017

Suswa leads the orphans 8/25/2017

Orphans rushing to the watering hole 8/25/2017

Wild herd seen in the Aruba area 8/26/2017

Wild elephant herd head tothe Aruba pump 8/26/2017

Wild elephants at the watering hole 8/27/2017

Ajali and Pasaka at the stockades 8/27/2017

Ndoria scratching whilst Nguvu waits for his turn 8/28/2017

Tundani and Ajali tusking it up 8/28/2017

Nguvu gets his turn to scratch 8/28/2017

Ndii browsing 8/29/2017

Bada browsing 8/29/2017

Orphans browsing 8/29/2017

Kivuko mudbath 8/30/2017

Kivuko at the stockade 8/30/2017

Layoni enjoying the lucerne 8/31/2017

Ngulia Tawi and Kore 8/31/2017
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