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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 9  /  2017

The Voi September diaries paint a dire picture as drought continues to ravage the greater area. At one stage the keepers were sending out a rescue party almost every other day to rescue an orphan found wandering alone, lost without a herd or mother. Sometimes the mother was found in a collapsed state or already dead from exhaustion and lack of food, or the calf itself was found collapsed as well. Tour guides, Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers our own Anti Poaching teams and our Aerial Surveillance pilots flying every day over all of Tsavo worked together to report such cases and our keepers were fast to respond as time is of the essence when these young elephants are so close to the brink. Most of the orphans came directly to the Voi Stockades as they were slightly older but one, Sagala, was flown straight to the Nairobi Nursery by our own helicopter. Sadly, not all of rescued orphans made it, having gone for too long without Mothers milk and food, but at the end of the month Tahri and Kavu rescued on the 17th and 29th respectively were looking okay, and Chedi rescued on the 28th was improving but still very weak.

Whilst working hard to save these young babies our Keepers were also obviously doing their utmost for their own dependent charges in the Voi stockades. Every day they are fed lucerne grass and pellet supplements to make sure they had enough food with so little browse around, and Ex Orphans Kivuko, Lempaute, Layoni and Dabassa were seen almost every day as well as they came to partake in these supplements or joined the dependent orphans for a cooling dip in the water hole.

Our ground teams are working hard to ensure all the water troughs at boreholes drilled by DSWT in the drought stricken southern area of Tsavo are cleaned weekly, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness in providing critical water points for all animals. As we work hard to provide enough water points for wildlife we realize it is a lack of vegetation that is the leading cause of death in this drought. The keepers made sure to take extra bales of lucerne to the mud bath feeding point on the days they felt the orphans have not had enough browse. On the 7th the keepers made their way to the Mwatate estate where Ex Orphans in Ndara and Lesanjuís herd are browsing these days. It had been reported that one of our Ex Orphans had potentially given birth there, but it was a wild elephant cow. Whilst there the Keepers noticed that Ndara, Lesanju, Tassia and Sinya looked in good health but little Neptune, Ndaraís baby, seemed to have lost a little weight. Bales of lucerne and pellets plus copra cake were delivered to the sanctuary store to be given to the Ex Orphans over time and some bales of lucerne were given to them then and there by the Keepers.

The dependent orphans were very welcoming of all the new arrivals at the Voi stockades. Suswa, Lentili, Mashariki, Suswa, Rorogoi and Mudanda would greet new arrivals with low reassuring rumbles in the morning before heading out for the day. One morning Ndii realised the presence of Tahri who she had not met before as her stockade is further away and she made her way over to greet the new orphan through the bars of her stockade. As welcoming the girls are to new arrivals they still prefer to be without the company of the four Ex Orphans and Kenia and Kihari were quick to make sure little Araba was by their side as their adopted favourite, whenever they were around. Layoni was more interested in the company of older orphans like Panda and Bada however, wanting to browse or play with them.
The new water hole near a large baobab tree is proving a huge success with the orphans who enjoy covering themselves in mud before going for a good scratch on the tree. One day there was a commotion when Ndoria gripped Rorogoiís tail in her trunk in an attempt to bite it. This sent Rorogoi running out of the water screaming. The rest of the herd soon followed fearing that there may be something in the water! They remained wary whenever she entered the mud bath after that, worried that she might come along and bite their tails again! Poor Rorogoi was victim to another mud bathing incident when one day Ishaq-B came along and sat on her head, submerging it under water. Tundani came to her rescue and called the Keepers to help; Ishaq-B ran out of the water as if she had done nothing wrong and poor Rorogoi looked very confused. Ndii was very innovative one day when she decided to make her own little mud pool alongside the main one. She didnít feel like swimming but instead used her trunk to pour water on the ground until she achieved the desired thickness of mud, and proceeded to roll around in her own shallow bath. She wanted Araba and Kenia to come and play with her there but they preferred the main mud wallow that day.


Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Arruba at the stockades 9/1/2017

Mbirikani browsing 9/1/2017

Dabassa tusking Naipoki 9/1/2017

Embu and Mashariki 9/2/2017

Embu scratching up 9/2/2017

Kenia leaning on Tundani 9/2/2017

Mashariki enjoying mud bath time 9/3/2017

Ishaq-B dusting games 9/3/2017

Arraba waits for Kenia to finish scratching 9/3/2017

Orphans feeding on range cubes 9/4/2017

Embu gets left behind 9/4/2017

Rorogoi and Ajali 9/4/2017

Orphans at the mud bath 9/5/2017

Bada and Lentili at mud-bath 9/5/2017

Embu biting her trunk 9/5/2017

Lempaute feasting on acacia near the stockade 9/6/2017

Embu sniffing the air 9/6/2017

Naipoki leaning on Arruba 9/6/2017

Panda leading browsing activities 9/7/2017

Tassia feeding on the lucerne grass 9/7/2017

Lesanju enjoying the lucerne grass 9/7/2017

Kenia browsing 9/8/2017

Lentili and Arruba enjoy browsing 9/8/2017

Naipoki playing against the rocks 9/8/2017

Layoni and Bada at the stockades 9/9/2017

Layoni scratching against a rock at the stockades 9/9/2017

Ndii, Rorgoi and Ishaq-B waiting for lucerne 9/9/2017

Kenia plucking leaves 9/10/2017

Kihari in a playful mood 9/10/2017

Lenitili and Naipoki enjoy the lucerne 9/10/2017

Layoni trying to engage Panda without success 9/11/2017

Dabassa trying to climb Ndoria's back 9/11/2017

Layoni having a drink at the water trough 9/11/2017

Suswa browsing 9/12/2017

Nguvu following the others  9/12/2017

Mbirikani and Dabassa at the stockades 9/12/2017

Tundani browsing 9/13/2017

Nguvu taking the lead 9/13/2017

Panda following the others down the hill 9/13/2017

Panda at the stockade 9/14/2017

Rorogoi and Panda strength testing games 9/14/2017

Nelion with the other Orphans 9/14/2017

Kivuko waiting to start browsing activities 9/15/2017

Mbirikani enjoying the lucerne grass 9/15/2017

Nguvu and Pasaka ready to move on 9/15/2017

Ndii looking after Arraba 9/16/2017

Orphans browsing on Msinga Hill 9/16/2017

The 3yr old female calf that was rescued 9/16/2017

Mudanda browsing 9/17/2017

Tahri at the Kanderi Swamp before rescue 9/17/2017

Tahri in the stockade after rescue 9/17/2017

Bada browsing 9/18/2017

Dabassa tusking Naipoki 9/18/2017

Lentili rushing to join the others 9/18/2017

Tahri in the stockade 9/19/2017

Tahri feeding well on Grewia branches  9/19/2017

Naipoki browsing on Msinga Hill 9/19/2017

Suswa browsing on Msinga Hill 9/20/2017

Orphans move towards the watering hole 9/20/2017

Layoni at mudbath 9/20/2017

Kihari and others feeding on range cubes 9/21/2017

Mbirikani scratching on Ishaq-B's buttocks 9/21/2017

Mashariki enjoying bath time 9/21/2017

Rorogoi water games 9/22/2017

Naipoki and Arruba congratulating Rorogoi 9/22/2017

Kivuko enjoys mud bath time 9/22/2017

Ndii keeping Kenia away from Arraba 9/23/2017

Mashariki scratching on a rock 9/23/2017

Nguvu getting ready to dust up 9/23/2017

Layoni engaging Panda 9/24/2017

Panda climbs on terrace to take Naipoki 9/24/2017

Layoni pushing Dabassa of a rock 9/24/2017

Bada relaxing 9/25/2017

Bada splashing 9/25/2017

Naipoki splashing herself 9/25/2017

Mbirikani testing Panda's strength 9/26/2017

Rorogoi chewing on a dry stick 9/26/2017

Layoni trying to ride on Pasaka's back 9/26/2017

Ajali at mud bath 9/27/2017

Panda making a small mud well 9/27/2017

Ndii playing the Baobab water trough 9/27/2017

Naipoki greeting Ndii 9/28/2017

Ndii and Kenia hiding Arraba from Lempaute 9/28/2017

Suswa browsing on the hill 9/28/2017

Kihari browsing 9/29/2017

Kenia standing on a rock browsing 9/29/2017

Mbirikani trying to take the lead in browsing 9/29/2017

Naipoki splashing games 9/30/2017

Ndoria drinking water 9/30/2017

Orphans waiting for lucerne grass 9/30/2017
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