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<<--  Entry for:  October   10, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   10, 2017 The orphans were joined by Makireti and Olare’s groups in the morning. Karisa and Galla carried their little piles of lucerne and moved away from their friends. Galla finished his pile first and tried to force Karisa to share his pile with him but Karisa refused, and moved away with his pile which annoyed Galla. Galla pushed Karisa from behind then turned to go and look for more lucerne. Shortly later, the orphans left for browsing. Barsilinga, Garzi and Laragai lagged behind enjoying the company of the junior Ex Orphans. They later joined their friends in the Kanziku area where they had settled to browse. Ten wild elephants reported for water two hours after the orphans had left for browsing. Noticeable was a three day old baby elephant that was in the company of the wild elephants. The group left after drinking enough water.

Tusuja settled to browse with Dupotto while Sokotei was very busy digging the roots of a certain shrub. Wanjala took a break from feeding and relaxed under tree as it became fairly hot. Kamok and Enkikwe had lightly friendly pushing game that didn't go on for long. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Yatta’s group. Missing were Kinna, Galana and their babies. The sun was so hot, causing Yoyo to fall into the water trough as he tried to touch the water. It took Yatta and her friends sometime to rescue him from the water trough. After getting him out, Yatta walked Yoyo away from the scene simply because it was obvious that Yoyo would fall in again. Tusuja joined Lenana who was peeling bark of an acacia tree and Tusuja tried to beg a piece from her, but Lenana wouldn’t give in. Tusuja then waited until she had left and then he got the chance to take some bark Lenana had left behind. In the afternoon, the orphans were joined by Challa and converged under a tree as they waited for the temperature to drop before they resumed browsing. Oltaiyoni had brief light strength testing exercise with Tusuja. In the evening, the orphans passed by the mud bath again where they wallowed before heading home.

Karisa with Galla

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