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<<--  Entry for:  October   14, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   14, 2017 The sky was partly covered by clouds in the morning, as a wild herd with a four day old baby were busy drinking water at the stockade water troughs. It appears that the day was meant as a ‘baby show’ as just before 6am a wild female, who visits from time to time to share lucerne with the juniors, reported with her baby that seemed just a few hours old. The wild female was also in the company of her two other grown up calves. When the orphans were let out, the wild female joined them to feed on lucerne. There was a slight drama when the baby tried to follow Boromoko into the stockade. One of the other wild calves followed the baby trying to block it from getting into the stockade and finally succeeded; after that the herd left. Shortly later, Yatta and her group reported with all their babies and settled for lucerne. Kama had a brief chat with Naseku as Enkikwe tried to reach Yoyo. Laragai led the way to the browsing field and Kama decided to accompany them. Fifty metres away, Kama started trumpeting and charging thus attracted her mother Kinna, who came running over to pick her up and take her back to her herd.

At around ten forty-five in the morning, Nasalot arriving bringing her own baby Nusu with her to the stockade. There was so much excitement as all Yoyo's nannies shifted their attention to Nasalot's baby. The nannies Sidai, Chyulu, Naserian, Loijuk and Makena all lined up trying to woo Nusu to shelter under them.

At mud bath time, Olsekki and Boromoko had a game of riding on each other as One Tusk and Half Trunk with two other friends continued to wallow on the opposite side. The orphans spent most of the afternoon relaxing under a tree due to the hot weather. In the evening, the orphans headed for an evening cool-off before heading back to the stockade.

Naseku with Kama

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