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<<--  Entry for:  October   20, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   20, 2017 Olare and her group arrived early before dawn at the stockade and decided to wait for the juniors to join them to feed on lucerne. Soon after the juniors had their morning milk, Shukuru and Ukame left with branches in their mouths that they continued to feed on while waiting for lucerne. Shukuru, who has befriended Dupotto because of how they come back to the stockade early for their treatment of some blood parasite, walked to where Dupotto was standing and started scratching against her. Shortly later Yatta and her group showed up for some lucerne too. When it was time to leave, Barsilinga and Garzi were left with the Ex Orphans and followed their friends later. The orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area where Laragai, Siangiki, Tusuja and Kithaka came across a branch that had been felled by a wild elephant which they shared amongst themselves without any problems.

There were eight wild bulls at the mud bath today. Garzi and Lemoyian had a brief strength testing exercise that ended when Lemoyian surrendered. In the afternoon, the orphans converged under a tree to relax since the sun was still hot and they only went back to browsing when it became a bit cooler. In the evening Karisa and Lemoyian led the way to the mud bath where all the orphans participated in wallowing. After the evening wallowing, Garzi and Barsilinga led the group for some soil dusting shortly before heading back to the stockade for another night.

Shukuru left with a branch in her mouth

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