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<<--  Entry for:  October   23, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   23, 2017 Nasalot, baby Nusu and the wild orphan spent the night just outside the stockade and joined the juniors for lucerne once the orphans were let out in the morning. Kamok, who is an independent girl and never bothers the other orphans, left with a branch in her mouth that she continued to chew before settling for lucerne. Olsekki tried to block the gentle Dupotto but the keepers told him off and Olsekki stopped and hurried away, shaking his head in protest at the keepers intervening on his fun. Shortly later, Mutara’s group checked and Kanjoro approached Sirimon as if to ask if he could share his pile of lucerne, which Sirimon obliged. The feeding came to an abrupt end when herds of wild elephants up to about sixty in number invaded the water trough and lucerne feeding venue. The orphans saw it wise to pave way for their seniors to avoid being bossed around. Noticeable amongst the wild group were two wild babies that were less than a week old.

Later in the day, the ever playful Lemoyian engaged Sokotei in a strength testing game that ended when Lemoyian realized that there was no chance of winning. Lemoyian pretended to have seen something and charged as he ran towards the bushes. Enkikwe settled to browse close to Olsekki and then for some reason they had an argument but we were not sure what about. This ended up in a pushing game that went on for quite some time. Kamok came across a big branch that had been felled by a wild elephant. This made her happy and she picked it up and moved away from her friends to avoid being pestered by her age mates to share, or face it being confiscated by her seniors! In the evening, the orphans attended a soil dusting exercise soon after cooling off in the mud bath before walking home.

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

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