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<<--  Entry for:  October   24, 2017  -->>

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Ithumba Unit  October   24, 2017 It was a busy morning today as we had a large group of elephants and Ex Orphans visit the stockades with wild bulls amongst them. Yatta with Yetu and Yoyo, Nasalot with Nusu, Kinna with Kama, and Mulika with Mwende were amongst them. They joined orphans in the lucerne feeding area with the youngest wild-born babies, Kama, Yoyo and Nusu looking so active and healthy. There was also a wild mother there with her baby. The orphans later walked out to the Park to browse. It is still so dry and everyone concentrated on finding enough to eat; no one played any games and they all browsed up until it was time to go to the mud bath for milk.

Once there the orphans relaxed a bit and enjoyed some funs and games. The orphans played in the water with some wild bulls and later headed back out to the bush to browse again. Wild bulls and Ex Orphans stayed at the mud bath and Sunyei went to the water trough to drink water. Baby Siku fell inside but the trough was only a quarter full. Sunyei tried to pull her out but was unable, and the keepers had to go in and help her out with her motherís support. She pulled from behind and helped us get her out. Nusu was being very clever and was playing along the edge of the mudbath with his mother, Nasalot, next to him. They later went to dust bath and Nusu started rolling around and playing as Olare, the nanny, looked on. They later walked away to the bush.

The orphans were very busy browsing in the afternoon to make sure they got enough to eat, despite the hot and dry weather. The group later walked back to the mud bath in the evening to cool off and then Kamok led the group back home in the evening.

Roi browsing

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