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<<--  Entry for:  October   29, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   29, 2017 After leaving the stockade early in the morning, the orphans were joined by Rapsu to feed on lucerne as six bulls kept themselves busy drinking water at the stockade water troughs. Shortly later, one of the wild bulls joined the juniors for some lucerne. When the orphans were through with the lucerne, Shukuru led the way out followed by Kithaka as the rest of the herd followed behind. The weather was cool following light showers overnight. Lemoyian and Kithaka had a warm up exercise by pushing each other. Sokotei tackled Enkikwe, a game that didn't last for long as Kithaka withdrew playing with Lemoyian and came to disrupt their game by attempting to ride on Enkikwe. The no nonsense and quiet Siangiki spent some time scratching her belly on a fallen tree. Siangiki is both feared and respected by the other junior boys as she can hold her own in their company. Like Laragai, who is very quick in action and stings like a bee whenever she is fighting the boys, Siangiki is very brave.

Later Sokotei gauged his strength by engaging Garzi in a pushing game that soon ended when Sokotei surrendered. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Oltaiyoni, the most disciplined orphan when it comes to milk feeding, stood to the side waiting for her friends to finish their milk before stepping forward for hers. Unlike the other orphans who can't wait in line when it comes to milk, Oltaiyoni always waits for the area to clear and the keeper to signal before stepping forward for her bottle. Five bulls attended the mud bath as the orphans drank their milk and then some water before going back out to browse. In the afternoon, Kithaka played with Barsilinga while Boromoko played with Tusuja.

Ex Orphan Rapsu

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