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<<--  Entry for:  October   4, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  October   4, 2017 Kibo, Naisula, Kitirua and Murka, who are part of Olare’s group, joined the juniors for lucerne in the morning. After having enough lucerne, Shukuru walked to the water trough and shortly later welcomed Dad and his six friends who had reported for water. Shukuru then walked away giving space for Dad and his friends to drink water. After they had enough they walked off back into the bush, giving the orphans the opportunity to come and drink water before heading to the browsing field. Siangiki and Kamok briefly entwined their trunks in morning greetings while Garzi settled to scratch his belly on a termite hill. Lemoyian engaged Boromoko in a pushing game and later, as a show of dominance, attempted to ride on him. Later the playful Lemoyian engaged Tusuja in a strength testing game that ended when Lemoyian attempted to ride on him. Shortly before mud bath time , Kithaka engaged Sirimon in a similar pushing game while Wanjala settled to dust himself with soil.

Only Boromoko wanted to wallow in the mud bath as the rest of his friends concentrated on drinking water. Later, Boromoko played with Olsekki and their game ended in a draw. In the evening, the orphans passed by mud bath where they were joined by seven wild bulls to cool off. Late in the evening, thirty wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water troughs.

Shukuru drinking with Dad and his friends

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