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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Ithumba Unit - 10  /  2017

This month saw our Ex Orphans in the spotlight at Ithumba as three wild born babies were born first to Yatta, who had her second calf Yoyo on the 7th. Her entry into the stockade compound at dawn to show off her new baby to her human family was the cause of much excitement amongst the Ex Orphans and wild elephants present. Yetu, Yatta’s first born girl, couldn’t even get close to her baby brother as he was surrounded by all the females wanting to greet him. This was followed by Nasalot who had her first born on the 14th, a little bull called Nusu, and finally Sunyei who had a gorgeous girl called Siku on the 22nd, her name meaning ‘day’, as she was born just as dawn broke over Tsavo. Loijuk appeared to be Siku’s chief nanny and as Sunyei walked little Siku through the stockade compound the excitement from the other elephants seemed to prove a little too much for the new mum, and she decided to steer her baby to the western side of the stockade so she could introduce her baby to the keepers there.

With the area being so dry there were a great number of Ex Orphans and wild elephants around to welcome these new babies into the world. There is nothing quite like witnessing the sheer joy and excitement as loud trumpets reverberate through the air with exhilaration at seeing a new baby. Yoyo's main nannies include Sidai, Loijuk, Lenana, a wild female, Chyulu and Ithumbah but when Nusu was born Chyulu and Lenana escorted Nasalot with Olare too, leaving the other females to help Yatta with Yoyo. Finally when Siku was born it appeared that Loijuk was her main nanny and went everywhere with Sunyei. There is great need for these nannies as the little ones are inquisitive from day one and get themselves into all kinds of situations. Within a few days both Yoyo and Siku had found themselves in watery trouble. Yoyo trotted into the mud hole which sent all the nannies and mum into a blind panic as they tried to guide him out to avoid him slipping and drowning and at last Yatta backed by Kinna, Chyulu, Makena, Sidai, Lenana, Ithumbah, Mwende and Mulika managed to guide him out. The water trough proved an area where they mothers and their nannies had to be on their guard as in the searing temperatures both Yoyo and Siku fell in the trough and required extraction. The trough posed no threat to them given how shallow it is but nevertheless their mothers were quick to react. This is a great learning curve for our new mothers, as they are the only guiding force for their calves, and after the water experiences we watched as the mothers and nannies steered the young babies away from steep edges of the mud bath and water trough for the time being.
Nusu has also taken a shine to water, however unlike Siku and Yoyo, he is very intentional in his mission to climb in and submerge himself. This is seemingly a lot of fun for Nusu, however less so for his new mum Nasalot and on a couple of occasions in the month Ithumba Head Keeper Benjamin has stepped in to retrieve a goggling Nusu from the water trough.

There are some shifting dynamics amongst the dependent orphans at the moment. Laragai left the stockades to join her friends in the wild, but has recently been accompanying the dependent orphans back at night, although she apparently still considers herself more mature and feeds by herself a short distance away. She, Barsilinga, Kithaka and Garzi are all no longer having milk bottles and we think it is only a matter of time before they join the Ex Orphans in the wild and stop returning to the stockades at night. Perhaps she returned to help these three with the transition, but only time will tell. Lemoyian currently shares a stockade with these four but is still milk dependent, so he is fed somewhere else in the morning to avoid being pushed around by his older friends.

The keepers have been likening Siangiki to Laragai recently. They are only one year apart and both girls don’t tolerate any nonsense from their male counterparts; they are both feared and respected by the other orphans and are very quick to fight back should anyone think about pushing them around! Siangiki’s friend Oltaiyoni remains one of the most quiet and polite orphans at the Ithumba stockades. This character trait is most obvious at milk feedings times when she politely stands to the side to wait her turn before being beckoned by the keeper feeding her; this is very unlike her friends who are more likely to try and barge past and get their bottles as quickly as possible! Naseku loves her milk and always makes sure she is at the front of the line in her group when heading for milk. She is also the fastest and lives a happy life without confrontation with anyone.

The boys in the Nursery continue their shenanigans as usual and push and wrestle with each other at any given opportunity. Boromoko is always trying to challenge his male friends and sometimes provokes a pushing game by blocking a pathway or stockade entrance to entice those like Galla and Olsekki to play. Lemoyian loves these pushing games too! One day Karisa was taken by surprise when Lemoyian walked behind him and pushed him into the water trough! On the warm days this month the orphans have been indulging in visiting the watering hole twice; once in the morning for their usual midday milk feed and in the evening as well, to cool off whilst en route back to the stockades for the night.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Ithumba Unit

Orwa, Vuria and Narok 10/1/2017

Oltaiyoni scratching 10/1/2017

Olsekki sniffing at a wild bull 10/1/2017

Kamok soil bathing 10/1/2017

Chemi Chemi carrying a large bunch of lucerne 10/2/2017

Siangiki scratching 10/2/2017

Lemoyian plays with Boromoko 10/2/2017

Orok with the orpahns 10/2/2017

Kanjoro plays with Garzi 10/3/2017

Magnificent wild bulls at the stockades 10/3/2017

Enkikwe plays with Lemoyian 10/3/2017

Elephants wallowing 10/3/2017

Shukuru drinking with Dad and his friends 10/4/2017

Orphans all drinking water 10/4/2017

Siangiki playing with Kamok 10/4/2017

Garzi scratching on a termite hill 10/4/2017

Suguta chats with Wiva 10/5/2017

Sokotei plays with Enkikwe 10/5/2017

Galla riding on Boromoko 10/5/2017

Kamok leading the way 10/5/2017

Tusuja chewing on a branch 10/6/2017

Olare's group smelling with their trunks up 10/6/2017

Kalama drinking with wild bulls 10/6/2017

Dupotto with Karissa 10/6/2017

Yoyo with Yatta and his nannies 10/7/2017

Little Yoyo with Yatta and nannies 10/7/2017

Yetu, Yoyo and Yatta 10/7/2017

Tight security for little Yoyo! 10/7/2017

Yatta's baby Yoyo 10/7/2017

Kama plays with Naseku 10/8/2017

Kama begs Loijuk for some lucerne 10/8/2017

Yoyo, Yatta and Karisa 10/8/2017

Chyulu with Yoyo 10/8/2017

Galla and Ukame soil dusting 10/8/2017

Challa and Laragai 10/9/2017

Kinna, Kama and Gawa 10/9/2017

Yoyo with nannies 10/9/2017

Yoyo goes swimming 10/9/2017

Yoyo being helped out 10/9/2017

Karisa with Galla 10/10/2017

Dupotto relaxing with Tusuja 10/10/2017

Yatta's group coming for mud bath 10/10/2017

Rescuing Yoyo from the water trough 10/10/2017

Wild mother elephant joins orphans to eat lucerne 10/11/2017

Sunyei in the lead 10/11/2017

Bongo with a wild elephant 10/11/2017

Naseku scratching 10/11/2017

Kama running in front of her herd 10/11/2017

Boromoko running in for his milk 10/12/2017

Olsekki plays with Boromoko 10/12/2017

One Tusk and Garzi 10/12/2017

Suguta walking into the mud bath area 10/13/2017

Kanjoro and Bomani playing around 10/13/2017

Evening wallowing session 10/13/2017

Naseku with Kama 10/14/2017

Enkikwe, baby Yoyo and Yatta 10/14/2017

Kama running from Sidai, Yoyo and Yatta 10/14/2017

Nasalot's baby Nusu! 10/14/2017

Nasalot, her baby Nusu and Chyulu 10/14/2017

Karisa with a branch in his mouth 10/15/2017

Yoyo drinking milk 10/15/2017

Ukame scratching 10/15/2017

Tusuja playing with Boromoko 10/15/2017

Barsilinga playing with Kithaka 10/15/2017

Nusu and Nasalot 10/16/2017

Tusuja, Nusu and nanny Sidai 10/16/2017

Baby Gawa and Galana 10/16/2017

Kamok chats with Kama 10/16/2017

Nasalot, baby Nusu and Loijuk 10/16/2017

Galla sratching 10/17/2017

Olare, Yatta and Yoyo 10/17/2017

Ololoo plays with Chemi Chemi 10/17/2017

Orphans smelling wild elephants at mud bath 10/17/2017

Wild elephant chasing African wild dog 10/18/2017

Garzi playing on his own 10/18/2017

Siangiki browsing with Olsekki 10/18/2017

Roi browsing 10/18/2017

Naseku and Siangiki playing in the water hole 10/18/2017

Kamok scratching whilst holding some lucerne 10/19/2017

Yatta and her children Yoyo and Yetu 10/19/2017

Yoyo plays with Naseku 10/19/2017

Siangiki and Enkikwe in a dusting spot 10/19/2017

Sweet Barsilinga 10/19/2017

Shukuru left with a branch in her mouth 10/20/2017

Shukuru scratching on Dupotto 10/20/2017

Lemoyian leading 10/20/2017

Garzi and Barsilinga soil dusting 10/20/2017

Roi with a branch in her mouth 10/21/2017

Kamok scratching her belly 10/21/2017

Shukuru stretching  10/21/2017

Wendi with Wiva 10/21/2017

Boromoko blocking the way! 10/22/2017

Tiny newborn Siku 10/22/2017

Sunyei and Siku 10/22/2017

Siku leading Sunyei and Loijuk 10/22/2017

Tiny little Siku 10/22/2017

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian 10/23/2017

Wanjala and Karisa chewing on branches 10/23/2017

Sunyei with her baby Siku 10/23/2017

Lemoyian playing with Kithaka 10/23/2017

Mutara and Nusu 10/23/2017

Roi browsing  10/24/2017

Baby Nusu rolling in the soil 10/24/2017

Nasalot dusting herself 10/24/2017

Siku gets into the water trough 10/24/2017

Laragai drinking rain water 10/25/2017

Kitirua browsing with the orphans 10/25/2017

Naseku and Galla sucking on their trunks 10/25/2017

Karisa messing around 10/25/2017

Orphans join a wild bull to drink water 10/26/2017

Olsekki stepping on the water trough 10/26/2017

Orphans encounter buffalos 10/26/2017

Nusu and Nasalot 10/26/2017

Sirimon soil dusting 10/26/2017

Lemoyian scratching 10/27/2017

Galana leading 10/27/2017

Naisula with Ukame 10/27/2017

Lemoyian plays with Tusuja 10/27/2017

Shukuru talking to Barsilinga 10/28/2017

Mutara playing with Garzi 10/28/2017

Boromoko soil dusting 10/28/2017

Sokotei playing with Enkikwe 10/28/2017

Ex Orphan Rapsu 10/29/2017

Siangiki scratching 10/29/2017

Garzi playing with Sokotei 10/29/2017

Orphans wallowing 10/29/2017

Boromoko sharing food with Kamok 10/30/2017

Sokotei playing with Sirimon 10/30/2017

Enkikwe chatting with Karisa 10/30/2017

Gawa chats with Enkikwe 10/31/2017

Kibo plays with Garzi 10/31/2017

Naseku in a funny charging mood 10/31/2017

Chyulu, baby Siku and Sunyei 10/31/2017

Oltaiyoni relaxing  10/31/2017
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