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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Ithumba Unit - 11  /  2017

The rains continue in this part of Tsavo which means a few things for our herds of orphans here. The dependent orphans prefer to mud bath in the shallower natural puddles that form in the bush and along the dirt tracks, as opposed to the main mud wallow, which is now brimming with water. They still visit this area every day for their noon milk bottle but do not necessarily choose to swim in the main mud bath. The warm damp earth after a drizzle of rain is a delight for the orphans to roll around in, and Lemoyian and Shukuru especially enjoying doing so during the month. It also means the Ex Orphans frequent the stockades and mud bath area less often, as there is ample water to be found elsewhere, as well as more vegetation so they are less reliant on the supplements we have provided for all our orphans at the stockades these past few months. It will take a while for the vegetation to recover in the area, and the orphans still spent the majority of their day in search of food to fill their tummies, browsing high in the trees to reach fresh new leaves. We found Dupotto kneeling on the ground one morning collecting up lucerne cubes with her mouth as fast as she could, and both Mutara and Narok’s (Narok, Orwa and Bomani) Ex Orphan herds continued to visit in the morning for lucerne, so these extras still remain a necessary requirement and we will continue to provide them for our dependent orphans and any other visiting elephants.

We did see more of the senior Ex Orphans at the beginning of the month however, including Sunyei and little Siku, Nasalot with Nusu, Kinna and her baby Kama, Galana and Gawa, Wendi and Wiva and all the others, Lualeni, Madiba, Loijuk, Sidai, Ololoo, Kasigau, Challa, Meibai, Naisula, Murka and Kitirua. All the wild born babies looked in excellent health, including new borns Siku and Nusu. The babies stuck close to their mothers and Sunyei was proving to be an especially attentive mother, choosing to bathe her little one outside of the mud bath using her trunk, and so not risk a swim where there was potential for danger, including getting stuck in the thick mud surrounding the pool. Even Ukame one morning chose to try and get out on the wrong, the steep side, and was unsuccessful for some time until she swam to the other side.

Laragai was certainly sending us a message this month as often we would find she had opened the gate for her and her friends Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian and Garzi, during the night and they would be waiting outside in the compound in the morning. Laragai, Kithaka, Barsilinga and Garzi have been off their milk for some time and are showing signs of wanting to become more independent. We are sure this is why Mutara and Narok’s herds also frequently visit as they want to check up on the orphans and see if any are ready to join them in the bush. Karisa is still too young but because he has tasted life in the wild he thinks he is ready too, and sometimes is very restless, dashing here and there, so the Keepers are kept on their toes keeping an eye on him and making sure he stays with the herd. Shukuru has been with the dependent herd a long time and even she is showing signs of wanting to join up with Narok, sometimes going to look for her herd during the day and leaving the other orphans behind. Olsekki and Enkikwe are their usual bullish selves and play pushing games all day to their hearts content. They are delighted when the Ex Orphans come around and those like Murka accept in teaching them some light wrestling tactics. Olsekki and Boromoko were wrestling one day but this soon turned into a real fight and the Keepers had to intervene so they did not hurt each other. This is all part of the growing up process for our orphans, but our Keepers still have to play ‘Mum’ sometimes and step in when things get out of hand!

On the 14th we found a wild bull limping near the stockades and alerted the DSWT/KWS Tsavo Veterinary Unit to come and attend to him. After the treatment he got up and walked away and we will continue to monitor his progress should he choose to recuperate in the area.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Ithumba Unit

Madiba feeding on lucerne in the Stockade 11/1/2017

Orphans at the water trough 11/1/2017

Sokotei and Enkikwe play fight 11/1/2017

Lemoyian enjoying the wet mud 11/2/2017

Barsilinga trying to get up 11/2/2017

Kithaka also enjoys the mud after the rains 11/2/2017

Kamok scratching 11/3/2017

Tusuja scratching after mud bath 11/3/2017

Dupotto wall scratching games 11/3/2017

Laragai on a rock browsing 11/4/2017

Karisa in search for green pasture 11/4/2017

Garzi breaking branches 11/4/2017

Sities at the stockades 11/5/2017

Sirimon digging up soil to play with 11/5/2017

Orphans enjoy swimming at the mud bath 11/5/2017

Mutara's group joins the orphans for lucerne 11/6/2017

Wanjala browsing 11/6/2017

Kasigau and Boromoko entwine trunks 11/6/2017

Roi and Tusuja sip rain water collected in a rock 11/7/2017

Ukame leaving the mud bath 11/7/2017

Shukuru after wallowing 11/7/2017

Kamok with a stick in her mouth 11/8/2017

Olsekki and Sokotei playing 11/8/2017

Sunyei with Siku 11/8/2017

Orwa scratching 11/9/2017

Nasalot with Nusu 11/9/2017

Nusu and Kama entwin trunks 11/9/2017

Yatta and Kinna arrive with their babies 11/10/2017

Boromoko playing with Galla 11/10/2017

Karisa bending a tree to get to the leaves 11/10/2017

Suguta enjoying the lucerne 11/11/2017

Kamok leads the orphans to the mud-bath 11/11/2017

Orphans fine a roadside mud bath 11/11/2017

Karisa sneaks away on her own 11/12/2017

Ukame takes a break from the heat 11/12/2017

Lemoiyan in a playful mood 11/12/2017

Orphans drink up before heading to the bush 11/13/2017

Dupotto scraches her belly 11/13/2017

Challa plays with a wild bull 11/13/2017

Orwa and Kamok browse 11/14/2017

Vet working on the injured elephant 11/14/2017

Injured elephant walks away after treatment 11/14/2017

Galla takes a break from the heat 11/15/2017

Enkikwe erached up for greener soft leaves 11/15/2017

Orphans arrive back to the stockades 11/15/2017

Garzi arrives at the stockades after staying out 11/16/2017

Sokotei finds a quiet browsing spot 11/16/2017

Kithaka in a playful mood 11/16/2017

Barsilinga reaches for the soft green leaves 11/17/2017

Sokotei and Barsilinga engage in pushing games 11/17/2017

Little Yoyo stops for a scratch 11/17/2017

Chaimu looking for more lucerne cubes 11/18/2017

Laragai enjoying the dust bath 11/18/2017

Tusuja after dustbath 11/18/2017

Kithaka leading the orphans to mud-bath 11/19/2017

Orwa stops for a scratch 11/19/2017

Restless and impatient Karissa running around 11/19/2017

Barsiling and Olsekki can smell the lucerne cubes 11/20/2017

Galla at the watering hole 11/20/2017

Naseku browsing in the bush 11/20/2017

Tusuja rolls in the mud 11/21/2017

Ukame and Kamok lead orphans to mud-bath 11/21/2017

Kilaguni at the mud-bath 11/21/2017

Orphans enjoy a long drink 11/22/2017

Wanjala browsing 11/22/2017

Olsekki bending the tree to get soft green leaves 11/22/2017

Orphans waiting for the lucerne 11/23/2017

Galla frightened by a warthog 11/23/2017

Narok browsing with friends 11/23/2017

Orphans gather at the mud bath 11/24/2017

Galls scratches his neck 11/24/2017

Orphans head home 11/24/2017

Lemoiyan and Tusuja chatting 11/25/2017

Siangiki and Roi find a watering hole 11/25/2017

Sirimon in a playful mood 11/25/2017

Sokotei drinks fresh rain water 11/26/2017

Kamok scratches her ear 11/26/2017

Oltaiyoni getting ready to roll in the dust 11/26/2017

Enkikwe scratches before heading out in the bush 11/27/2017

Rapsu, Challa and Kenze at the water trough 11/27/2017

Orphans splash in mud on their way to 11am feed 11/27/2017

Sunrise at Ithumba 11/28/2017

Lemoiyan and Sirimon chat 11/28/2017

Mutara stretching 11/28/2017

Galla and Roi browsing  11/29/2017

Turkwell, Kasigau and Sities 11/29/2017

Kamok leads her group home 11/29/2017

Sokotei plays whilst Naseku browses 11/30/2017

Makena with Yoyo and Kama 11/30/2017

Little Yoyo and Kama 11/30/2017
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