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<<--  Entry for:  February   22, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  February   22, 2017 Fifteen wild bulls were drinking water at the stockade water trough when the orphans were let out in the morning. Shortly later, the Ex Orphans arrived and immediately joined the juniors in feeding on Lucerne. Gawa briefly played with Sities as Wiva tried to push Bomani. Kibo engaged Ololoo in a strength testing exercise while Kandecha played with Meibai. At the browsing field, Vuria engaged Kibo in a pushing game that he lost to shortly after. Orwa played with Kalama, a game that ended in a draw. Later, Orwa engaged Barsilinga in a pushing game that ended in a draw too. At mud bath time, the temperature was moderate and only Shukuru, Bongo and Siangiki performed a spectacular wallowing session.

On the way back to the browsing field, the orphans participated in a soil dusting exercise as Garzi and Kithaka engaged in a pushing game that ended when Kithaka opted to surrender. In the afternoon, Boromoko settled to feed with Lemoyian while Naseku settled to feed with Sokotei. Kamok found a suitable rock that she used to scratch her belly on. Olsekki spent some time reminding himself of the good old days of playing around in the Nairobi nursery when he pulled a shrub and started kicking it in all directions. Kauro took a break from feeding to engage in a soil dusting exercise.

Kibo playing with Ololoo

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