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<<--  Entry for:  June   24, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  June   24, 2017 This morning Garzi and Orwa started play fighting for some morning exercise whilst the other elephants went straight to the bush to browse. They met with a few Ex Orphans along with Bomani, Orwa, Vuria and Narok. The dependent group was busy browsing while Bomani sprayed himself with dust. Orwa play fought with Barsilinga and Laragai came in to separate them but they started charging as she tried to cool them down. Vuria was digging at the ground to get fresh loose soil to throw on his back, later he finished that and started play fighting with Kithaka while Naseku and Wanjala browsed up on top of the rock together. The orphans later met with Makireti's group of Ex Orphans including Kasigau and Kilabasi and started interacting with them. Lemoyian later led the whole group to the mudbath.

It was not a very busy or very hot day so not many of the orphans played in the mud bath but there was good interaction between the dependent orphans, the Ex Orphans and Buchuma, the big Ex Orphan bull around the mud hole. Later the group went to the soil mound to dust themselves and then they went out into the bush again.

Bomani soil dusting

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