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<<--  Entry for:  July   13, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  July   13, 2017 Mutara, Olare and Narokís groups spent their night just outside the stockade. Once the orphans were let out, the junior Ex Orphans received them warmly and escorted them to the area where they always have their lucerne. Kamok and Laragai took their share, carrying it in their trunks, and moved some distance away where they enjoyed feeding on it without any disturbance. Later, Olareís herd led the group to Kone area where they settled to browse. Wanjala browsed close to Narok and from time to time they could be seen chatting to each other by putting their trunks in each otherís mouth. Laragai teamed up with Kithaka while Ukame and Galla settled to feed with Melia. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Wendi, Wiva, a wild boy, Kenze, Taita, Ithumbah, Rapsu, Meibai, Lualeni, Mulika, Mwende, Lenana, Chyulu, Madiba, Naserian, Teleki, Orok and ten wild elephants. The orphans went to the right hand side to wallow while the Ex Orphans and the wild elephants wallowed to the left hand side of the pool. The orphans feared being pushed by the wild bulls and it was also another way of giving respect to their seniors.

After mud bath, Shukuru,Ukame and Sirimon settled for soil dusting while Naseku and Olsekki picked sticks from the ground and used them to scratch in between their front legs. Enkikwe tried to stand in front of Madiba, probably to challenge him, but with the way Madiba looked at him Enkikwe did not stand there for very long for fear of being knocked down! Later, Enkikwe moved to challenge Olsekki, a game that ended in a draw. In the afternoon, the junior Ex Orphans parted ways with the dependent orphans. In the evening, Olareís group reported at the stockade in the company of a wild female with her two calves, and left shortly after taking enough water.

Kamok with her share of lucerne

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