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<<--  Entry for:  July   19, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  July   19, 2017 Kamok was the last one to leave the stockade in the morning armed with a bunch of lucerne branches in her mouth, whilst Lemoyian tried to grab a branch of lucerne that Wanjala had picked up. Wanjala couldn't allow that to happen and kept running in circles to get away until Lemoyian surrendered and went back to look for another branch instead. Soon after the orphans had finished their lucerne, Shukuru led the herd to Kone area where they settled to browse. At around nine o'clock, the orphans were then joined by Olare’s group. Garzi, who loves to engage in games with elephants older than him, started a pushing game with Tumaren. Melia, who was standing close by took this as an act of disrespect for a small boy like Garzi to engage a big girl like Tumaren, so Melia joined Tumaren and ganged up against Garzi to put him in his place. At mud bath time, ten wild bulls arrived and there was one noticeable big tusker in the group who had not been seen since December last year; it was great to see him well and healthy. After the orphans had enough of wallowing, Shukuru led the group for some soil dusting before later returning back to the browsing field.

Lemoiyan running after Wanjala

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