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<<--  Entry for:  July   25, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  July   25, 2017 A quiet morning today with the orphans walking down from their bedrooms after their breakfast. Bongo the Ex Orphans greeted them peacefully and joined them at the water trough. Naseku was scratching her trunk on the wall. Despite the absence of lucerne, they walked to the lucerne feeding area to check; finding nothing they walked away to the bush for browsing.
Out in the Park, they were all busy browsing with Wanjala scooping and tossing chunks of soil in the air and some on his head. Bomani, Orwa and Vuria later joined them in the bush. Everyone was busy to searching of food. Roi later led the way to the mudbath.

At mudbath the Ex Orphans and wild elephants all interacted together. Naseku was playing and rolling on the ground with Roi, Galla and Wanjala, enjoying the mud bath. We had Wendi, Galana and Kinna with their babies visiting. Baby Kama was seen enjoying a good scratch on the visitorís cement seat. We also had big, magnificent, wild elephants playing in the mudbath. Oltayoni was scratching her back right leg after playing in the mudbath. It was so much fun and an enjoyable session for all.

Shukuru was scratching on a tree after a long game in the mudbath. The orphans, led by Siangiki, walked back to the bush for browsing with Kinna and Kama leading the Ex Orphans.

In the bush, everyone was busy browsing. Kithaka was busy throwing soil chunks in the air and later Kamok led the group back home for their milk again in the evening.
Back at the stockade, wild bulls visited in search of water. Narok's and Makiretiís group also came and joined them with Kilaguni and Chaimu. They all looked happy and healthy.

Kalama and Barsilinga at the water trough

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