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<<--  Entry for:  August   13, 2013  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  August   13, 2013 Yatta’s and Mulika’s group of Ex Orphans came to the Stockades early before dawn, having been absent for almost 3 days. All were extremely hollow, stressed and thirsty, obviously having been without water for so long. It was noticed that Galana had an arrow wound on the left side of her stomach - the third Ex Orphan to be recently arrowed by Poachers, Mulika and Challa having been hit last month. Last year we lost Ex Orphan Selengai to Poachers, who never managed to make it back to the stockades in time for help. All these young elephants have only very small ivory so it is only a heartless and wicked human who could even think of trying to kill them, probably simply out of spire. May the curse of these innocents follow the perpetrators of this heinous crime to the bitter end!

At 11 a.m. the KWS Vet attached to our Mobile Unit arrived and to remove the arrow from Galana’s side and treat the wound, after which he immobilized Mulika in order to lance the swelling beneath her stomach. Gallons of pus poured out and a large piece of dead flesh removed, after which the wound was washed and packed with green clay. Whilst the Vet was attending Mulika, all the other female Ex Orphan were extremely concerned wanting to come and lift her back to her feet, but the Keepers kept them at bay. Instead they obeyed the command of their Keepers, milling around nearby, while Yatta escorted little Mwende away from her recumbent mother. Once Mulika was up again, she was warmly embraced by all the others, who left with her in their midst.

Now it was the turn of the Big Bull “Mshale” who had been at the mudbath earlier with a suspicious looking fresh wound behind the ear. Having been darted, he ran off some distance before falling near the road leading to the Ithumba Camp, where he, too, was treated and revived, the arrow having apparently bounced off rather than penetrating the flesh. (This was the third time that “Mshale” had been immobilized to have poisoned arrows removed from his body. That evening none of the Ex Orphans returned to the Stockades and no wild elephants came either.

Treating Galana

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