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<<--  Entry for:  August   17, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Ithumba Unit  August   17, 2017 Soon after having her milk, Shukuru started banging on her gate to be let out. At the stockade compound, the orphans were joined by Narok and Bongo. Karisa was being bullied by Galla and Boromoko and kept on moving from one pile of lucerne to another so as to avoid being pushed by the boys. Six bulls were drinking water at the stockade water troughs but they left a short while later. The sixth bull remained at the water trough and we did not know what he seemed to be waiting for. Narok and Bongo joined him to drink water and later Olsekki, Tusuja and Laragai also joined. What we didn't know was that all this time, this bull was communicating with Karisa and he was buying time, pretending that he was drinking water. Drama started to unfold when the keepers started walking with the orphans to the bush. Karisa was leading and increased his pace to catch up with the wild bull that was now a heading the same direction as the orphans. The keepers called out Karisa as the bull increased its pace, with Karisa still following. At last Karisa was cornered near Kalovoto area as the bull tried to charge at the keepers so as to let Karisa go with him, but he is still just a baby that would benefit from the milk formula. Karisa was taken back to join his friends leaving the wild bull to walk off into the bush. Whilst browsing, Barsilinga had a good time chatting with Karisa while Olsekki and Lemoyian competed amongst them who could ride on Tusuja. Eight bulls attended mud bath and were later joined by the Ex Orphans. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kone area.

Sirimon and Kamok enjoying lucerne

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