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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Ithumba Unit - 8  /  2017

Our biggest news at the Ithumba stockades this month was the reunion with two of our three missing truants! Dupotto, Karisa and Kelelari scarpered from the stockade compound in May when they were scared by a loud noise but in good news and after a long search, our DSWT/KWS Yatta Anti-Poaching Team discovered them whilst on patrol and on the 5th August, Dupotto was rescued and brought back to the stockades where she was warmly welcomed by best friends Kamok and Oltaiyoni who were very pleased to see her. She was rather skinny but otherwise in good condition. As Kelelari is older than the others, the decision was made to monitor his progress as he seems to have integrated well with the wild herds, having been rescued at a much older age, much more in tune with the ways of the wild and easy to identify with his missing tail.

Karisa, on the other hand, seemed to disappear into the wild herds after the trio was first reported by the Yatta team and as Dupotto settled back into the routine of the compound under the guidance and friendship of her friend Kamok, our aerial teams continued their search for him. We were therefore amazed and blown away when, later on in the month on the 16th, the most miraculous thing happened at the mud bath area; a wild herd in the company of Galana, Gawa, Ithumbah, Kilaguni and Zurura passed by where the orphans were feeding. The herd didn't stay for long but continued with their journey, leaving Zurura and another young elephant with the orphans. The Keepers were drawn to the excitement among the orphans as they circled around this young elephant who they initially thought was just Tusuja, but as he approached and they called him, they realised it was Karisa! He walked to the keepers and raised his trunk and suckled a finger of one of the keepers. Karisa had returned on his own after two months and twenty nine days in the wilderness! He drank his first milk happily and ended up having 2 more bottles. In the afternoon, Karisa settled to browse with Wanjala, Galla and Dupotto and later returned to the stockades with the others. He was in very good condition and we lie in wait to see whether Kelelari will too decide to return now that both of his friends are back in the fold, or if he remains happy in the company of his friends in the wild.

The following day on the 17th August, a wild bull tried to spirit Karisa away again but the Keepers had their eye on him and managed to bring him back to his friends. Karisa seemed to enjoy his taste of wild life as again towards the end of the month the Keepers couldn’t find him along with Garzi, Barsilinga and Wanjala. They managed to track down Garzi and Barsilinga and at last found Karisa and Wanjala completely at ease browsing along the seasonal Kalovoto River, and marched them back to the stockade for the night.

On the 10th August, Olare’s group with Kenze and a wild orphan came for water at the stockade and we found that Tumaren had a snare around her right hind leg. The snare was fresh and appeared to have caught her in the early hours. A long wire with a hook was prepared to loosen the snare which came off and Tumaren continued with her daily activities.

All of the Ex Orphans were seen at least once this month; Ex Orphan bulls Tomboi, Buchuma and Madiba came and Yatta’s group of senior Ex Orphans and Galana were spotted frequently. Yatta’s daughter Yetu, who is now five-years-old, seems to becoming increasingly independent of her mother and taking on the role of ‘Nanny’ to the wild born babies in the herd, trying to shield them from playing with the dependent orphans. The young wild babies enjoy playing with the dependent orphans however, obviously being closer in age than any of the females in the Ex Orphan herd. Wiva in particular is often seen playing with Wanjala and sometimes she, Gawa and Kama try to follow the dependent orphans, although they are always stopped by watchful Nannies like Sidai, Lualeni, Ithumbah and Loijuk.

Recently independent Ex Orphans Orwa, Bomani, Vuria and Bongo succeeded in snatching Barsilinga, Lemoyian and Laragai away one day just before they were due to return home for the night. The keepers tracked them until they located them and brought them back to join their friends. Sokotei has been his usual naughty self this month at noon feeding time by trying to snatch more than his share of milk, but the Keepers are wise to his tricks and normally catch him before the act!  

Photos Taken During this Month for the Ithumba Unit

Tusuja greets Yatta 8/1/2017

Boromoko plays with Sirimon 8/1/2017

Kama, Wiva, Gawa and Nanny Sidai 8/1/2017

Galla soil dusting 8/2/2017

Keeper getting the bottle snatched by Sokotei 8/2/2017

Sities and Kanjoro 8/2/2017

Tusuja tries to greet the wild elephant 8/3/2017

Yatta says hello to the orphans 8/3/2017

Kilabasi, Kainuk and Sities 8/3/2017

Sokotei  8/3/2017

Orphans at mud bath 8/4/2017

Naseku and Tusuja sharing food 8/4/2017

Naseku playing on the ground 8/4/2017

Madiba and Suguta 8/5/2017

Off loading Dupotto 8/5/2017

Dupotto offloaded and put in a stockade 8/5/2017

Dupotto safely in her stockade 8/5/2017

Dupotto relaxing in her stockade with Benj 8/6/2017

Wanjala with the wild bulls 8/6/2017

Yatta and Nasalot 8/6/2017

Rapsu, Ololoo and Taita 8/6/2017

Boromoko leading the orphans 8/7/2017

Kinna leading her Ex Orphan herd 8/7/2017

Chemi Chemi plays with Barsilinga 8/7/2017

Shukuru scratching on Roi, water truck behind 8/8/2017

Oltaiyoni and Olare soil dusting 8/8/2017

Wild bulls drinking water 8/8/2017

Ex Orphans at the compound in the morning 8/9/2017

Naseku and Galla 8/9/2017

Ukame and Galla coming in for their milk 8/9/2017

Tusuja riding on Sirimon 8/9/2017

Oltaiyoni and Siangiki scratching after mud bath 8/10/2017

Wanjala mud bathing 8/10/2017

Snared Tumaren 8/10/2017

Snared Tumaren 8/10/2017

Evening wallowing session 8/10/2017

Madiba sniffs at Dupotto 8/11/2017

Lemoyian playing with Sokotei 8/11/2017

Kamok and Dupotto scratching 8/11/2017

Laragai drinking water with a wild elephant 8/11/2017

Kamok, Dupotto and Roi 8/11/2017

Shukuru leading 8/12/2017

Olsekki playing with Enkikwe 8/12/2017

Orphans chasing off a buffalo 8/12/2017

Kithaka browsing 8/12/2017

Yatta with her group 8/13/2017

Dupotto playing on the ground 8/13/2017

Boromoko talking to Kainuk 8/13/2017

Kinna with her friends 8/13/2017

Kilaguni waking up 8/14/2017

Orok and Chaimu waking up 8/14/2017

Lemoyian climbing on Olsekki 8/14/2017

Orphans join Madiba and a wild bull 8/14/2017

Lemoyian climbs on Tusuja's head 8/15/2017

Tomboi chats with Loijuk 8/15/2017

Mutara and Sities 8/15/2017

Boromoko climbs on Naseku 8/15/2017

Karisa walking in with the Ex Orphans 8/16/2017

Orphans all sniffing Karisa 8/16/2017

Dupotto Karisa and Roi 8/16/2017

Karisa at mud bath looking so good 8/16/2017

Sirimon and Kamok enjoying lucerne 8/17/2017

Naughty Karisa following a wild bull 8/17/2017

Barsilinga chats with Karisa 8/17/2017

Olsekki climbing on Tusuja 8/17/2017

Naisula eating lucerne with the orphans 8/18/2017

Orphans soil dusting 8/18/2017

Orphans walking back out to browse with keepers 8/18/2017

Dad and his friends drinking water 8/18/2017

Olare eating her share 8/19/2017

Sokotei climbing on Olsekki 8/19/2017

Ex Orphan bull Rapsu 8/19/2017

Dupotto having her milk 8/19/2017

Kalama and Tomboi 8/20/2017

Lemoyian climbing on Boromoko in revenge 8/20/2017

Wanjala scratching his ear 8/20/2017

Boromoko playing with Sokotei 8/20/2017

Mutara with the juniors 8/21/2017

Enkikwe playing with Sirimon 8/21/2017

Olsekki soil dusting 8/21/2017

Orphans and wild bulls drinking 8/21/2017

Enkikwe playing with Sirimon 8/22/2017

Barsilinga playing with Kithaka 8/22/2017

Naseku soil bathing 8/22/2017

Kinna and baby Kama with the orphans 8/23/2017

Kama playing next to Yetu 8/23/2017

Naseku and Kama 8/23/2017

Dupotto and Kamok scratching their chins 8/23/2017

Ex Orphans eating lucerne 8/24/2017

Olsekki playing with Boromoko 8/24/2017

Karisa after mud bath! 8/24/2017

Galla chasing Karisa 8/25/2017

Chaimu in the compound 8/25/2017

Karisa leading the way 8/25/2017

Kamok relaxing 8/25/2017

Boromoko playing with Lemoyian 8/25/2017

Makireti, wild orphans and Kilabasi 8/26/2017

Garzi, Wanjala and Kamok 8/26/2017

Karisa and Kamok after mud bath 8/26/2017

Ex Orphans checking in 8/26/2017

Kilaguni surrounded by lots of lucerne 8/27/2017

Shukuru sharing water with a wild elephant 8/27/2017

Boromoko soil dusting 8/27/2017

Galla playing with Naseku 8/27/2017

Little Dupotto with Kithaka 8/27/2017

Orphans facing Kenze in the compound 8/28/2017

Kamok having a good scratch  8/28/2017

Ukame and Tusuja going to soil dust 8/28/2017

Dupotto and Kamok relaxing 8/28/2017

Tusuja and Wanjala with nice lucerne 8/29/2017

Kenze with a nice bunch of lucerne 8/29/2017

Shukuru coming out with a branch in her mouth 8/30/2017

Oltaiyoni and a wild bull drinking 8/30/2017

Kinna Kama and Tusuja 8/30/2017

Olsekki playing with Boromoko 8/30/2017

Shukuru feeding on a branch 8/31/2017

Ukame and Kamok leading 8/31/2017

Orphans soil dusting 8/31/2017

Kama, Wiva and Ex Orphan Lenana 8/31/2017
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