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<<--  Entry for:  October   1, 2017  -->>

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Nursery Unit  October   1, 2017 Sagalla seems to be settling in much faster than Namalok or Sapalan as she already started taking her milk from a bottle this morning, while Namalok is still drinking his from a bucket. Sagalla is still desperate to join the others out in the forest and fights to leave her stockade every morning when she sees them walking out; but she is not quite ready yet.

The orphans had a lovely time during the public visit today. Jotto was the first one into the mud pool after finishing his milk and even though it wasn’t that hot, Emoli and Maisha seemed to want to join him in there as well. They walked up and down the edge of the pool but they were not allowed in as they are not strong enough to mingle with the others in the mud. Luggard who loves and enjoys the mud baths very much, was in the middle of the pool with Jotto. When Murit and Malima saw the fun the two were having they decided to jump in and enjoy the mud as well. They swam from one point to another, playing with the football in the mud, but Murit brought an end to the happy games by trying to climb on the others back. They decided to get out of the mud pool when he started to do that whilst Godoma came in to make sure they were okay when she heard Malima shouting. As the others came out she decided to stay in and enjoyed a nice wallowing session before it was her time to leave.

Jotto going to browse

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